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Welcome to the new Open Social!

Open Social’s rebranding is about more than just a new look-and-feel. We have a new story — continue reading
Posted by Taco Potze
January 19, 2021

Open Social is kicking 2021 off in the most spectacular way. Today we are launching our amazing new brand style – including an eye-catching new logo and a sleek and modern re-design of the Open Social website!


Open Social’s rebranding is about more than just a new look-and-feel. We have a new story to tell for 2021 that captures a unique new approach to online communities and the Open Social software.

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Open Social is #madetoshare

Open Social has a new slogan that tells the story at the heart of our platform.

Last year showed the world once again why the internet matters – and it’s not because it allows us to do online shopping! Connecting with one another online helps us stay in touch despite being separated by distance, it allows us to keep working together, to keep being creative, to keep collaborating and drive innovation. And most importantly: to keep sharing our experiences, our stories, our expertise and more.

Open Social places share at the heart of everything we do. Because sharing is what makes a group of individuals turn into a community. As people share their goals, innovations, their knowledge and stories, they become a unified community that can change the world for the better.

Creating digital spaces made for sharing lets us help organizations drive real-world change, empowering their members to communicate and collaborate using platforms and extensions purpose-built for sharing.

We believe that there is an art to sharing. And we have worked hard to master that art, creating technology that grows communities and engages members. With our new slogan, we infuse this belief into everything we do.

That is why we say Open Social is #madetoshare.

The new Open Social logo

With our new #madetoshare mindset, comes a fresh new logo to reflect our beliefs and values.

The new Open Social logo contains a constellation of individual dots that comes together to make up a complete and unified logo. It represents the idea that a community, or an organization for that matter, is made up of a collection of individuals that together create something bigger than just the sum of its parts. Open Social, as our logo suggests, is the software that allows this unification and togetherness to take place.

Animated logo

A community is also always flexible. It can change. It can surprise you. It can lead to something amazing you would not have thought of before as members share amazing ideas, discussions or experiences! In the same way, the new Open Social logo can reconfigure and transform in surprising ways to communicate new ideas. This then also reflects the fact that Open Social itself is a versatile and flexible product, offering an out-of-the-box solution that can easily be customized to fit the client’s unique requirements and needs.

A sleek modern website redesign

If you head over to you will see that more than just our logo has changed. We have launched a completely new website to reflect the innovative spirit of Open Social’s online community software and our new direction for 2021.

The new Open Social website is sleek and modern and gives visitors the information they need right away.

New success stories

Our new success stories make for fascinating reading, showing you how some of the largest organizations like Greenpeace and the UNDP had unique challenges that they solved in surprising ways with Open Social.

success stories

You can also now see organizational milestones and key results from our clients’ online communities.

Interactive feature list

Make sure to go and take a look at our new eye-catching feature list that gives you a quick and simple overview of the online community features most relevant to you.

All-new extensions

On the extensions page, you will find all the information you need about brand-new extensions such as Gamification, Engagement Automation, and Customized Content Content Access – complete with animated images to show you exactly how the interactions work!


Three Tailored Solutions

On our new website, you will also find 3 out-of-the-box Open Social solutions. Our solutions match our re-commitment to create technology that drives member engagement and activation to generate real value for your organization.

Community Management Platform

Open Social offers organizations of any kind a customizable community platform with our general Community Management solution.

A Community Management Platform lets you create an easy-to-use and engaging platform; improve communication; create valuable connections between your members; and customize your community platform to fit your organizational needs.

Find out more here

Volunteer Engagement Platform

Managing and mobilizing volunteers spread around the world is a daunting task for any organization! Open Social’s Volunteer Engagement solution allows you to easily organize members, keep them engaged with your organizational goals, and allow them to connect, collaborate and share their experiences and expertise.

A Volunteer Engagement Platform comes with purpose-built features for engaging and mobilizing volunteers, including Groups, Events, Member KPIs, Discussions, and more.

Find out more here

Member Engagement Platform

Our Member Engagement solution allows association members to connect and engage within an organization and with each other. It is ideal for organizations that want to stimulate the sharing of expertise, generate new knowledge or innovations, and create frictionless communication and collaboration between members through a single online platform.

It provides the perfect blend between an out-of-the-box solution, and flexibility to meet the unique digital transformation needs of organizations.

Find out more here

What Open Social’s new branding means for you

If you are an existing Open Social client, then Open Social’s rebranding means more than just a new look. This rebranding is aligned with big plans for 2021 – both for the company and our product. Expect even more amazing extensions, platform updates and new features coming throughout the year. Our rebranding is a kick-off to amazing things to come!

For those who are not yet part of the Open Social family, now is the time to join! Simply schedule a 1:1 demo and see what Open Social can do for you.

2020 showed us all how meaningful online connections are – and how powerful the act of sharing can be. Open Social is set to make 2021 the year in which all the lessons we’ve learned pay off in amazing ways. Start your 2021 with us, and we will seize the year together and do something truly great.

Do you have any Open Social extensions or feature updates that you’d like to see in the future? Book a live demo with us by clicking the image below and get all your questions answered. 

Live demo - Open Social

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