We won! – International Splash Award winner 2019

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And we are proud to have won an award at the International Splash Awards 2019 in the ‘Social/ Community’ category!

The Splash Awards celebrates the best Drupal projects around the world and is organized all over the world. On October 28, 2019, the International Splash Awards took place during DrupalCon Amsterdam. Fun fact: Our CEO, Taco Potze, organized the earlier Dutch version of this award show.

Happy Splash Award Winners


Social&Community category

The Splash Awards have ten categories open for entry. A professional and independent jury reviews all Splash Awards submissions. The nominated cases are then judged in their respective category, based on several criteria.

The category ‘Social/Community’ celebrates websites creating and facilitating online community, connectedness and communication around shared interests. These sites can target either a broad-based or niche audience. Their purpose may be business or pleasure. They may use friend-of-friend connections to form a social network or use technology to make the connection.

The other nominees in this category were: (a place for every Dutch person who has to deal with cancer), (a surrogate platform used for communicating DIAGEO brand propositions) and The London Borough of Hackney (a platform for all children’s centres, schools and early years and adult education in Hackney).

Read more about the International Splash Awards

Ceremony Splash Awards

Victims Support The Netherlands

Victims Support was looking for a new online community platform to replace the outdated public forum functionality and found the Drupal 8 community distribution Open Social. The result was a platform tailored according to the needs of the victims with a special focus on heightened security and privacy. Together, we made sure the community provides a safe digital experience and space online for victims of crimes, traffic accidents, and calamities. Furthermore, we developed a unique platform set up for emergency disasters.

We are delighted that we can help this organization reach its goal with our technical solution.

Check out the showcase

victoms support


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