Press Release - Rotterdam, Amsterdam, April 8, 2020


Software suppliers Open Social and SIMgroep (SIM) join forces in the field of community platforms. Jeroen Brakel, Director of Product Management at SIM, said: “Open Social suits the wishes of local use and with the ambitions of SIM. It is innovative, sustainable, and - like our CMS - based on Drupal." Taco Potze, CEO and founder of Open Social, said: "Together we offer added value, and we have a lot of strength to provide future-proof social intranet solutions." And as we all know, collaboration and connecting with colleagues are essential in this strange time of working from home.

Customers get the best of both worlds

Software supplier SIM supplies intranet solutions to municipalities and governmental organizations. Jeroen Brakel said, “SIM was looking for an easy to use social intranet solution for smaller government organizations. We got into a conversation with Open Social, which had potential. The partnership was a logical next step. Our organizations complement each other well in knowledge and skills. And there is also a personal click. With our partnership, we offer our customers the best of both worlds.”

Be connected when you’re working from home

The platform offers municipalities and governmental organizations many opportunities to work easily from home. Employees always have fast and safe access to the right internal information. Keeping in touch with colleagues is also essential. The social intranet improves and accelerates the way of sharing knowledge in a structured way. Information is always easy to find at every moment. And of course, there is room to share nice stories, tips or photos.

Meet citizens and entrepreneurs online

Does your municipality want to interact more with citizens and entrepreneurs? You do not need a new system if you use this social intranet. It can be expanded with modules to a smart and easy-to-use participation platform. “Citizen participation is particularly important in these uncertain times we are living now,” Taco Potze said,“otherwise, you are risking the loss of contact. With this platform, every municipality can create a digital meeting place for citizens and entrepreneurs. Entering the conversation online is the new normal. Municipalities that are responding to this will benefit greatly in the challenging years to come.”

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SIM and Open Social are powerful as a whole

Open Social originated from GoalGorilla, which is an innovative platform focusing on the community and intranet market. Taco Potze said, “Open Social is open source, based on Drupal, which means that new solutions are quickly available to our customers. The social intranet is user-friendly, can be set up quickly, and can be set up flexibly due to the many available modules. Thanks to the partnership, innovation, technology, customer knowledge, and guidance come together. That’s powerful.”

Interested? Contact SIM

Governments that want to start or switch to an easy-to-use and future-proof social intranet can contact SIM. The benefits of this social intranet lie in the possibilities for now and in the future. Continuity, privacy, and security are guaranteed. Also, the system is continuously developed.

Read more about SIM Open Social. Or join the live webinar on Monday, April 20.

About Open Social

Open Social originated from GoalGorilla. After ten years, the company continued under the name Open Social, just like the name of their product that has been used internationally for more than four years. The first version of the software was developed for the Greenpeace Greenwire project. Open Social won the Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) in 2015. More than 1,000 organizations worldwide are now using Open Social, including Victim Support Netherlands (International Splash Award 2019), the United Nations, and Milieudefensie. The team is located in the creative tech hub TQ in Amsterdam and Enschede. 

About SIMgroep

SIMgroep makes it possible for millions of residents and entrepreneurs to arrange business with the government online every day. Whether it is with a personal internet portal, a website, social intranet, or any other digital solution, it is their ambition to realize optimal online services with passion and years of knowledge for all (local) government organizations. SIM strives to use smart innovations to organize business with the government to become even more online, more personal, and closer to citizens and entrepreneurs. The goal is to make this as simple as possible. SIM was founded in 2000 and has been part of Conxillium since 2019.