Open Social Thrilled to Announce New Head of Sales: Elle Hosek

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New Head of Sales for a New Era

Elle Hosek has joined the Open Social leadership team as the new Head of Sales. With a proven track record in hypergrowth companies, Elle will play a crucial role in scaling growth at the company.

After years of fast growth, Open Social has ambitious plans to scale up and move further upmarket into the international enterprise client segment. We see this as a new era!


Open Social Management team

Elle brings the experience of structuring sales teams and hiring and guiding new commercial talent. She is a proven international sales leader and a coach at heart. 

She is skilled in global expansion, launching, and executing go-to-market strategies with multi-cultural sales teams in the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

Who is Elle Hosek?

Originally from Istanbul, Elle has lived and worked in the United States, Turkey, Hong Kong, and, most recently, Belgium. She spent most of her career helping start-ups and scale-ups build and scale their sales engines and expand into new markets.

Elle Hoesk


“There is a thrill in building for scale. I enjoy the process of scaling up and building the foundation blocks of a sales engine the most. But more importantly, I love taking this journey with humble yet smart people. That is why I have accepted the challenge at Open Social!” 

Elle Hosek

Why Choose Open Social?

Elle Hosek on why she chose to join Open Social:

“During the interview process, I met several Open Social team members. Each conversation demonstrated their commitment to delivering results with purpose. ‘Purpose’ is the keyword here. I am excited to be a part of a team made up of people who put purpose as a priority in their growth strategy. Open Social has attracted many customers whose passion is to make the world better. I was drawn to that. 

There is an incredible opportunity and a market need for what Open Social offers. It is visible in the company culture and Open Social’s impressive growth. Joining the company at this stage is exciting and allows me to do what I do best, build and continuously develop high-performing sales teams. I can count on the Open Social Team for support, guidance, and collaboration.”

The CEO’s Perspective

Taco Potze, Co-founder and CEO at Open Social, shared the excitement that everyone is feeling at welcoming Elle to the leadership team: 

“As a fast-growing company, we were looking for a passionate and coaching leader, which we have found in Elle.”

He adds:

“Elle and I took the time to get to know each other. To understand where we both come from, what drives and motivates us, and how our management team would work together to get great results. Elle, her curious mind, eye for detail, international ambition, and drive to get maximum results made us all see what an amazing addition to the team she would be. And all this is done with a good dose of humor and her very own style that she brings. Off to a flying start, we are super happy to have Elle on board, and we are looking forward to all future adventures together”.


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