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Congrats to Triquanta for their Open Social-based Intranet Launch!

Amsterdam-based Drupal specialist agency Triquanta launched a new social intranet for the NWO (Dutch Organisation for — continue reading
Posted by Taco Potze
June 29, 2017

Amsterdam-based Drupal specialist agency Triquanta launched a new social intranet for the NWO (Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research) under the name Joost. It has been implemented using Open Social and will function as the homepage for all collaborations and projects. It provides users with the possibility to share knowledge, exchange ideas, find experts, and work together on documentation.


Triquanta expanded on Open Social’s features by allowing users to adjust their own homepage with applications and groups that are relevant to them. Joost also allows for filtering based on different departments.

Furthermore, Triquanta has linked the Joost intranet to the Active Directory of the NWO so that users are automatically logged in. They have also linked the intranet with Workforce, the HR software that fills profiles, and with Hireserve for the import of vacancies. This means that all relevant applications can now be found with direct links from within the intranet.

Open Source

We’re really proud and happy that Triquanta chose us to partner with on this project. Joost is an excellent example of how open adoption can drive the future of software. Since Triquanta was able to build on our existing features, they could spend more time focusing on the specific needs of their client. This allowed them to build a truly social intranet with all the necessary demands of the NWO with relative speed.

“Open Social gave us a head start in building the new intranet. Out of the box most of the social features were covered. This gave us more time to realise the specific requirements of NWO”- Peter Grond, Triquanta

Triquanta also aims to release the additional functionalities they’ve built for this project back into the Drupal community. So features like the personalized homepage, the link with Active Directory, and the integration of the Paragraphs module should become widely available to other developers shortly. This means the Joost project has added value to Triquanta and the NWO and also to Open Social and the Drupal community as a whole.

Triquanta will continue to monitor the use of Joost to implement further improvements based on use cases and feedback from the Joost user community. Ensuring added value for the NWO over time.

Get Involved

Would you like to get involved too? For Open Social, our Open Social Documentation Guide is the best place to start. If you want a starting point for helping to grow Drupal you can find out more about the ‘Ways to get involved‘-page on

If you’re looking for a community or social intranet solution yourself check out our pricing options and get in touch! We will connect you with the best partner for your wishes. Are you an agency looking to partner up with community and intranet solutions? Find out more about our partner program here.

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