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Open Social co-Founder Accepted Into Leading Silicon Valley Accelerator Program

Every year, founders and CEOs of fast-growing businesses from around the world arrive in San Francisco — continue reading
Posted by Taco Potze
February 20, 2019

Every year, founders and CEOs of fast-growing businesses from around the world arrive in San Francisco to boost their startup and learn from the very best in entrepreneurship with Blackbox Connect.

Blackbox is a two-week founder accelerator that connects founders with mentorship, Silicon Valley networks, knowledge, and resources needed to grow and lead their startups.

Taco Potze, our co-founder of Open Social and THX Project, is among the 15 chosen to participate this year. There was an 8% acceptance rate for the highly-selective program, and to say we are proud is an understatement!

Taco was nominated by TQ, a curated tech hub in the heart of Amsterdam and part of Google for Startups that’s sponsors the program. This is also the home of (one of) the Open Social and THX offices.

Scaling our projects with Blackbox Connect

As of March 25th, Taco will be learning from some of the best startups and founders in San Francisco to elevate not only his own potential but that of our entire company.

He will meet investors and bring back knowledge to propel projects like Open Social and THX forward and has the opportunity to network with great minds in the industry.

Blackbox Connect comes at the right moment for Open Social. We have launched our product, have great showcases, and a clear growth path. The accelerator helps us refine our vision and find the right partners for further growth.

Taco Potze, co-founder of Open Social & THX

What does this mean for you as a stakeholder, customer, or interested visitor?

Growing internationally

Blackbox Connect teaches founders how to position their company internationally with a long-term global vision.

For Open Social, expanding our business internationally will mean more communities (and inspiring showcases to learn from), faster development of our roadmap, and giving back more to the open-source community.

Sharing our knowledge

Taco has an entire team behind him that will learn from his experience. Gaining knowledge from industry experts will result in powerful takeaways that Taco will share on his Medium and LinkedIn accounts.

Gathering feedback on our story

A startup’s story is a powerful tool. What better way to see what resonates than by sharing it across the world with other experienced founders and startups?

We want to share the best version of our story. What we are doing at Open Social and THX is something to proud of, and we (and you) want to be able to explain why in the best way possible.

Stay tuned for the lessons learned by Taco at Blackbox Connect!

Taco and Mieszko, co-founders of THX and Open Social for Blackbox Connect


Blackbox Connect

Blackbox Connect places the founders of 15 startups from around the world  under one roof for two weeks to examine themes around such as:

  • Founder mindset
  • Value-based leadership
  • Global product vision
  • Storytelling and communication
  • Culture and strategy

The founders will be asked to take a step back and reevaluate their startup and their role as a founder – something that most may not have time for in the day-to-day grind of working.

They will meet role models, mentors, and other founders to showcase their startup and found out what value they (and their team) really bring to the table.

Blackbox Connect is a reset for founders, says Jasmine Shells, Founder & CEO of Chicago-based culture engagement solution Five to Nine. It provides you with the necessary headspace needed to see the most important blind spots in your company and leadership.

Read more about the 15 participants attending the 25th Blackbox Connect and the Blackbox flag-ship program.

Open Social

Open Social is a powerful and flexible online community solution that’s used by NGOs, governments and hundreds of smaller organizations to connect their members, volunteers, employees, and customers. We specialize in volunteer, knowledge, and extranet communities.

Open Social was launched in 2016 and has since then been adopted by over 1000 communities to engage and connect members. Our inspiring customers include Greenpeace, Pachamama Alliance, Victims Support The Netherlands and various UNDP communities.

Follow @OpenSocialHQ on Twitter or LinkedIn!

THX Project

THX is a blockchain solution that rewards members in online communities with tokens for valuable behavior. This solution will help social technologies continue to play a central role in mobilizing connection and social change.

The team started this innovating project in 2018 and has released the beta whitepaper. The start of the private sale is to be determined but coming up soon!

In order to stay updated, follow @THXProject on Twitter.


Open Social showcases for Blackbox Connect audience

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