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Open Social Wins Website of the Year at DrupalJam

At this year’s DrupalJam Open Social won not just one, but two Splash Awards  — including — continue reading
Posted by Adela Kalkantova
November 24, 2020

At this year’s DrupalJam Open Social won not just one, but two Splash Awards  — including the coveted Website of the Year award! It was Open Social’s membership management platform SparkBlue, developed for the UNDP, that caught the judges’ attention this year. But that’s not all! Open Social also presented 4 amazing sessions at DrupalJam 2020 re:Boot.

SparkBlue wins 2 top awards

The Splash Awards celebrates the best Drupal projects around the world. The Awards focus generally on user-experience, accessibility, originality, design and contribution across a number of categories such as Education, Corporate, Commerce and Government. Splash Awards are a badge of recognition within the open-source Drupal community and ecosystem.

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DrupalJam 2020 re:Boot — the Netherlands’ biggest Drupal event — started Friday 6 November 2020, and the Splash Awards were given to the best Drupal projects from the Netherlands. We submitted our United Nations Development Project (UNDP) platform SparkBlue for the Splash Award in the category of Government & NGO projects, detailing the unique features of the SparkBlue platform, the challenges we faced with its development, and the contribution to the open-source community that our work on SparkBlue resulted in.

What is SparkBlue?

In 2019 the UNDP embarked on a major overhaul to splice digital into its corporate DNA. Open Social helped them embark on this digital transformation project, creating a series of integrations for their suite of tools that includes Microsoft Office 365, Yammer and Delve as well as many others.

With Open Social’s platform, we were able to help the UNDP:

  • Create a space for organizational collaboration and problem-solving using the Crowd Innovation extension.
  • Add a Course Module Function that provides a guided learning experience and tracks a user’s progress as they complete each section of the course.
  • Add a dynamic and easily searchable knowledge repository that has the ability to feature a curated and tagged collection of resources. This includes Word documents, PDFs, videos, PowerPoint presentations, audio files and more.

With SparkBlue we were able to create a multi-stakeholder platform for the UNDP that was integrated with internal and external collaboration tools.

With the hard work we put into building and launching SparkBlue, we won the Splash Award in the category of Government & NGO and were then additionally awarded the overall Splash Award for Website of the Year 2020 which is the highest award at this event.


Open Social and SparkBlue will be competing with all the other Splash Award winners from around the world during the international Drupal Europe conference.

Open Social Presents At DrupalJam

Open Social didn’t just participate in this year’s Splash Awards, but also took part in the full program at DrupalJam 2020 re:Boot.

A full 2-day program of speakers, virtual booths and interactive events such as a PubQuiz made DrupalJam as exciting as ever — despite taking place entirely online for the first time this year. As the organizers stated:

“Our aim is to create a gathering that isn’t solely a broadcast of sessions, but allows for interaction, socializing and exchange of ideas and conversations.”

Open Social hosted its own virtual booth and had presentations throughout the event first day’s program.


Adéla delivers an Open Social demo

Our Market Development Representative Adéla Kalkantová kicked-off our sessions by presenting the basic features of Open Social and how easy it is to set up your own online communinty with our Drupal-based software.

Want a demo of Open Social for your own organization? Schedule a personalized demo of Open Social with Adéla here.

Jamila talks about member engagement during COVID-19

Customer Success Manager Jamila Kheil presented a session titled “Increasing Member Engagement Online in Covid Time” and talked specifically about how organizations can help people connect and keep working together at a time when more and more of our lives are moving online with the normalization of remote work and social distancing.

Jamila showed how an online community can be an interactive space to help organizations respond to these changes.

Stefano shares his experience ensuring customer satisfaction on large projects

Stefano Tabarelli, Open Social’s Senior Customer Success Manager, presented “The Importance of Customer Success in Projects” — a talk about how we work closely with organizations such as the UNDP using Open Social to find unique solutions to problems and make sure they achieve their goals.

Moritz explains how organizations reach their community goals

Open Social’s product owner Moritz Arendt was the last to present. We talked about the differences between setting up a basic Open Social installation and setting up Open Social with all its unique purpose-built extensions. Think of offering educational programs for your members, gathering ideas to solve challenges, and more! Moritz showed just how easy it is to customize Open Social.

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