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Global Splash Awards 2019 Nominates Open Social Twice

Open Social, an open source community software adopted by thousands of organizations, has been nominated twice — continue reading
Posted by Taco Potze
April 10, 2019

Open Social, an open source community software adopted by thousands of organizations, has been nominated twice for the international Drupal Splash Awards 2019.

Drupal Splash Awards

The Drupal Splash Awards hand out rewards for the best Drupal-based projects and contributions from the Drupal community. There are eleven categories for Drupal organizations, teams, clients, and individuals to showcase their work and success using Drupal. The winners will be announced on April 10 during the award ceremony at DrupalCon Seattle.


Introducing Connecting Business initiatives for the category Non-Profit.

CBi is a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project that connects almost 500 users worldwide. The platform connects crisis communities that improve the communication of global disaster risk reduction.




With 43% of people living in areas vulnerable to natural and manmade disasters, CBi provides the necessary tools for collaboration between the private sector and the international community.

It currently hosts groups in 14 locations and aims to be active in 40 locations by 2020, including Arabic consultations. In other words, it will have a worldwide impact.

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Introducing Victims Support The Netherlands for the category Social/Community.

Victims Support helps over 200,000 victims of crimes, traffic accidents, and calamities in The Netherlands in an external crisis community.




It also has an intranet of over 4,000 volunteers that support victims in processing the event and, where possible, offer emotional, practical and legal assistance. The organization recognized that a listening ear is not enough.

It offers a network of support which is facilitated by proactive community management. Find more information on the Open Social showcase.

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2017 Winners

In 2017 we won the Splash Awards 2017 in the category Tools and Apps and overall ‘Website of the Year’ award!

Our submission for the awards highlighted one of our successful projects; the GlobalDevHub.org project for the United Nations. This is a public platform which brings together 45.000 users from various legacy platforms.

It hosts and supports open online consultations (or e-discussions) to help development actors gain important insights into policy discussions, generate new partnerships, and shape the international sustainable development agenda.

Contributing to Open Social and Drupal

Would you like to get involved as well? For Open Social our Open Social Documentation Guide is the best place to start. If you want a starting point for helping to grow Drupal you can find out more on the ‘Ways to get involved‘-page on Drupal.org.


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