We’re proud to announce our partnership with BrightLemon. Together we're committed to delivering word-class social business communities to our customers. At Open Social we’ll be focussing on continuously improving and innovation our distribution. BrightLemon will adopt Open Social for their client projects in the UK while contributing key features.

Our partnership with BrightLemon is our first agency partnership, but we have exciting plans to expand our partner network in the coming months. Read more about our partnerships below or get in touch to apply.

BrightLemon: creating communities

Since 2004, BrightLemon has used Drupal to build user-centric digital services for community platforms. As one of the top London based G-Cloud approved digital agencies, BrightLemon consistently produce highly functional, highly technical websites for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Vodafone, the University of Cambridge, Pearson, and MTV.

Community is at the heart of everything BrightLemon does. The company recognises that, in order for a business to be successful in the 21st century, it needs to be collaborative, shared, multi-directional and open. BrightLemon excel in providing their clients with a number of strategies to reach these goals.

BrightLemon is launching its first customer based community on the Open Social distribution for the Bulgarian Business Alliance (BBA), a platform that connects Bulgarian businesses globally. Their innovative projects have won several awards and nominations and have successfully connected more than 1.8 million people in 25 countries.

The BrightLemon team
From top left to bottom; Leon Tong, Amila Premadasa, Vincenzo Gambino, John Durance

BrightLemon’s vision on the future

Leon Tong director:

“I’m very excited about creating a new generation of social business platforms based on Open Social. One could imagine a combination of Open Atrium and Open Social with Enterprise grade hosting and support. All mobile first, user centric and data driven.” 

Amila Premadasa, project manager, explains further:

“Software vendors and Enterprise customers must work on project delivery as partners, not in the traditional supplier-client relationship. Open source is much more suitable in this model of co-creation versus just ‘buying’ software. To use an existing pre-built Drupal code base such as Open Social which covers many critical use cases saves customers enormous amounts of time and money.”

Interested? Learn more about our partner program here

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