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Open Social
The Best Choice for Your Organization’s Platform

Open Social helps you set-up an easy-to-use online community platform.

Open Social is built in a way that increases organizational engagement, creates meaningful experiences for your members, and drives organizational goals and growth. 

Find out below how Open Social does this or request an online 1:1 demo. 

an engaging platform
Let's build an active online community

Users don’t have to learn a complex new software

Make adoption and engagement easy by giving them a community platform that works just like social media.

profile icon

Users can fully express themselves

Users can make the platform their own by creating and customizing their profiles. They can also easily collaborate, chat, and share knowledge with one another.

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Highly customizable

Create a branded platform with a unique look and feel, as well as customized dashboards, to make members feel at home.

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Insightful reporting tools

Detailed reporting tools will give you the information you need to manage your community and improve engagement.

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For all devices

Open Social is accessible from anywhere and from any device. You can also request a native mobile app for your community.

What do others say about Open Social?

"We chose Open Social for the flexibility to customize the platform and the possibility to get the new extensions added by other community members."

- United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

unique features
Customize your platform to suit your needs

Open Social offers a range of features and extensions that you can add to your platform. To help you get started, we have packaged features into four out-of-the-box solutions to fit your specific need:


Online Community features

Discussions, Groups, Events, and other community features increases engagement. Organizations can create a hub that helps them drive goals,  create impact, organize events, and keep their community engaged, active, and productive.

Online community
Create events, discussions, groups, and more


Knowledge Platform features

Resource Library, Forums, Search, and other information management tools generate knowledge. These tools will allow you to easily keep the latest versions of documents alive and in use, as well as harness the knowledge of your organization and stop wasting resources, time, and money.

Knowledge Platform
Create and manage your resource library


Collaborative features

RealTime collaboration, Dashboards, Single Sign-on, and other digital workplace tools increase productivity. Create a communication, participation, and collaboration digital workplace that can be easily accessed to get work done.

Social intranet
Create and collaborate on content together


Social Learning features

Courses, Quizzes, Badges and Certificates, and other learning tools give members education and training. With these tools, you can quickly build graded quizzes and courses to upskill your members, implement new training, monitor member development, or deploy new knowledge in your community with interactive content.

Social Learning
Create, administer and grade quizzes


Open Social vs Facebook workplace comparison
above the competition
Open Social offers a better solution than any of our competitor

✓ Data protection and privacy for users

✓ Quick launch for new clients

✓ Affordable (with pay-per-extension upgrades)

✓ Easy to integrate with existing CMS system

✓ Quick response support

✓ Open-source innovation

Client quote pachamama
We're trusted by over 1,000 organizations

"It's important for our organization to have flexible software for the changing needs of our community. Open Social is great to build upon.” 

- Chris Block, Web developer at Pachamama Alliance

Unleash your potential!

Request a free demonstration for you and your organization:

✓ You will find out how Open Social is the best fit for your organization

✓ You will get a branded demo environment that you can share internally

✓ You will get a 1:1 demo with a Q&A session to answer your organization’s questions and needs

Still not convinced?

Take a look at how other organizations have implemented Open Social and used it to change the way they do work in the world.