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Join Open Social CEO and co-founder Taco Potze

And foraus Digital Innovation Manager Eduardo Belinchón

This webinar shows you how innovative digital technology can help organizations crowd-source ideas from an online community and drive real-world change.

(✓) Learn more about online communities and crowd innovation tools

(✓) Find out how Swiss Think Tank foraus help shape foreign policy through crowd-sources ideas from its Policy Kitchen online community

(✓) See a demonstration of Open Social’s and one of its most unique features

(✓) Q&A session at the end


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When you’ve finished this webinar, you and your organization will understand:

(✓) How to leverage the skills and expertise of members to solve organizational or community problems

(✓) How to create a useful crowd sourcing process

(✓) What the benefits of starting an online community with Crowd-Innovation features are

Crowd Innovation

Open Social's Crowd Innovation lets you solve challenges within your community via a crowdsourcing process:

The challenge

Pose the question that has to be solved by the community members.

The phases

With each phase having a start and end date, move the ideas through the flow and include idea creation, editing, viewing, commenting and voting. This is where the evaluation takes place. 


The ideas

Ideas are created by users to suggest solutions for the over-arching challenge to suggest solutions. As users, you have the possibility to vote on your favorite ideas.