Are you protecting your members’ data? How to make sure your online community is secure

16 Dec 2021 at 16:00-16:45 CET

In an age of large-scale data leaks, ransomware attacks and phishing exploitation you have to make sure that the data of your community members is always protected.

Join our webinar with Open Social CTO Bram ten Hove and Iterasec CEO Igor Kantor to learn what you can do to improve your community security and build member trust

Portraits of Bram and Igor

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Improve your members’ data privacy and protection

Online communities are filled with a lot of personal data from members. This is why platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn often come under cyberattacks, resulting in large-scale data leaks of profile information. This not only harms members but can break community trust and damage an organization’s reputation

Join this webinar to find out how:

  • What security threats online communities face  
  • How a data leak can damage your organization 
  • Best practices for making sure your community is safe and secure
  • How Open Social helps you protect your member data
  • How better security can help build member trust 

The webinar will include a Q&A session during which you can ask all your burning online community security questions.

Profile security

Join our expert speakers on 16 December @ 16:00 Central European Time:

Bram ten Hove
Bram ten Hove is Open Social’s Chief Technical Officer and acting Security Officer. He is responsible for implementing and maintaining Open Social’s Information Security Management System.

Portrait of Igor Kantor

Igor Kantor

Igor Kantor is CEO of Iterasec, a cybersecurity firm he co-founded with a vision to provide a unique blend of security and software engineering expertise to organizations.