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Organizations are going to be impacted

As you know, society and the economy are facing times of rapid change. Covid-19 is spreading, and all our governments are taking necessary dispositions to stop its diffusion. A lot of organizations are going to be impacted by this health crisis, and therefore countries are taking actions to support companies hit by the economic downturn. We also want to help organizations that are doing a great job right now!

launched within 48 hours
BIO created a portal to expedite Coronavirus R&D

The science is galloping forward, and collaboration between the public and private sectors is vital to combat the coronavirus. That's why Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), based in The United States, released a new online hub. This hub connects entities in need with those who have supplies and capacity critical to ensuring continued research and development.

"We are all in this fight together. It will take the great scientists of this industry working together across the globe to win the battle against an invisible enemy. Creating a central location to match need requests with availability helps research and development programs continue." said BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood. 

In 48 hours, we launched together with BIO their new hub. We are delighted to help to achieve their incredibly important mission.

BIO about Open Social

"We reached out to Open Social for an extremely rapid deployment of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Coronavirus Hub. With the help of their skilled team, we went live 48-hours after our initial discussion."

"In this fast-moving environment time is of the essence, through this hub BIO, and our partner Healthcare Ready, is able to connect medical research centers, biopharmaceutical companies and testing sites requesting supplies and inquiring about manufacturing capacity. We are continuing to improve the online Hub to make the biggest real-world impact."

- Rich Masters, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)


Open Social is the community software for you
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With our online community software, you create a connected, central place to:

- Come together in uncertain times like these;
- Share knowledge and experiences to help and inform each other;
- Work and communicate efficiently still, from all places;
- Make the social connection we are missing at the moment;
- Make learning accessible for everyone and on every level;
- Minimize consequences and risks for your organization.

We know we are not the solution, but we want to be one of the many suppliers who make it possible for organizations to make changes that have an impact.

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We want to help those of you doing an amazing job

Are you working at an organization with a social significance in the government, medical, or education sector? You're the best, you are doing an amazing job! And we want to help you create more impact. Our software helps your organization to force technical barriers, make meaningful collaborations possible, and keep stakeholders right informed.

Do you want to see our software in action? Contact us, and let's find out how we can help your organization with achieving your social goals.

How to move your workplace online amidst the Covid-19 Crisis


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Our external environment and situations beyond our control are forcing us to see that the day to day business processes is no longer working for businesses big and small. Immediate adaptation is necessary. We explain what your business can do. We are listing out the things that we are finding most helpful for people to continue working right now.


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BIO uses Open Social to Expedite Coronavirus R&D


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The society and economy are facing times of rapid change. It’s a tough time and people, organizations and businesses are going to have to start doing things differently. We want to respond to this situation by offering our software solutions, we hope that we can help organizations come together and provide help to those that need it most.


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