teamwork is not a buzzword
Make use of Team Collaboration Software

It's easy to dismiss teamwork and assume that it happens when you set a group of people to work. It doesn't. You need to give the team the right structure and tools to make it successful. But not all team collaboration software is made the same! They are not able to:

× Be fully flexible and completely customizable 
× Grow with your team as their projects grow
× Guarantee continuity, support and updates
× Offer complete security and GDPR compliance  

Help your teams reach their full potential by using software that's more than 'just' another tool, but a new way of working together. Curious how?

Team Collaboration Software
break down barriers
Work completely in sync as a Team

Collaborating at work is not optional, it's just what we do. But to do it effectively is the key to success. Ineffective collaboration has destroyed many projects across all industries. How does a successful team operate? 

- Communication is consistent
- Find information easily
- Updates are regularly shared 
- Members feel engaged with the project
- Opportunities to be spontaneous 
- Have some control over the outcome 

Sounds simple? The theory is always much more straightforward than in practice. With Open Social, your team can be successful.

Drive success and complete projects

Creating a digital workspace to keep teams connected.
An online community platform allows your teams to:

Online and offline in-person interaction

Communication with features like private messaging, online and offline events and discussions ensures consistent communication.

Find information easily and instantly

With powerful SOLR search and resource libraries finding the right information has never been easier for your team.
resource library
team collaboration

Share updates regularly

Update your team inside a private or public group, send a private message or a post on your activity stream. Share interesting content to keep the team inspired.

Get over setbacks

Gathering of ideas by interacting online around a specific topic on how to solve an issue. Get feedback and vote on the best ideas.


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Connect with all team members

Open Social can do all this! Find out how we help you benefiting

Buying Guide
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Your foolproof guide to buying a community

How do you choose the right community software for your use case? Our guide by experts speeds up your decision-making process with a useful evaluation framework to buy community software. Download the guide for free!

the solution
Work in sync with our Social Intranet solution

Having a community can be a crucial reason why an organization is successful or not. Open Social’s software enables you to:

✓ Build your own branded digital space

✓ Start immediately with connecting dispersed teams 

✓ Enable users to customize their profiles and timelines

✓ Create and customize posts with a powerful text editor

✓ Drive success and complete projects within time and budget

Trusted by over 1,000 organizations

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