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Five reasons for social networking

1. You're able to have an open dialogue with people and stakeholders

2. You have the best information source you could ever have in your hands

3. With all the information, you're able to develop your organization further

4. You are more approachable and reliable as an organization, that's golden! 

5. You build member loyalty because of all four reasons above

Do you want to take advantage of social networking?

Social networking
be open, be social
Make your organization more personal

The world around you has become smaller and more approachable thanks to social networks. And that's not only from a personal perspective.

Social networking is an online solution that makes it possible for people to stay in touch with each other. It's all about building social relationships. One of the primary needs we have as humans. Whatever the reason is (personal, business, cultural, or political), in all cases, it gives you, your organization or your environment a specific value.

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Social Networking unlocks your potential

Use your own branded community for social networking.
Because then you're able to:

Foster online and offline in-person interaction

Connect people easily and facilitate networking with features like private messaging, online and offline events, and discussions.

Increase engagement and achieve your goals

Start with discussing topics and finding the most talented people. Stop thinking about goals, but start achieving them.
social network
social networking

Innovate in a structured, successful way

Facilitate the gathering of ideas by interacting online around a specific topic. Get feedback and vote on the best ideas.

Start building your most powerful resource

Create public and private groups, connect experts, share knowledge and insights, and build a robust knowledge resource.


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A social platform creates endless possibilities

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Buying Guide
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Your foolproof guide to buying a community

How do you choose the right community software for your use case? Our guide by experts speeds up your decision-making process with a useful evaluation framework to buy community software. Download the guide for free!

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Take advantage from a branded community platform

Open Social allows you quickly to:

✓ Boost member engagement and happiness
✓ Increase productivity within and between teams
✓ Save money on IT and developer costs
✓ Create a positive two-way culture
✓ Generate ideas, solve problems and share knowledge

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