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Online volunteering helps organizations and volunteers work together towards a shared goal. Community software helps you to reach your goal.

- Bring your volunteers together, all over the world
- Create a sense of unity and enthusiasm (essential!)
- Work together - both online and offline
- Share knowledge and experiences easily and regularly
- A well-connected community means more productivity

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Getting the most out of your volunteers can be a challenging task. Inspiring leadership, onboarding newbies and retaining long-term volunteers present the most challenges for organizations. And of course the constant need for recruitment! Open Social’s community platform was initially designed to complement volunteer groups specifically for these challenges. Online volunteering helps organizations and volunteers team up and collaborate  – anywhere in the world, from any device.  

When skilled and enthusiastic individuals work with great organizations to make a positive difference, everyone wins.

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learn from each other
Share your knowledge and experiences

Every volunteer community is essentially a knowledge-sharing platform. Connect volunteers with the right information in discussions. Our personalized activity stream ensures that volunteers only see relevant updates to them.
In the end, knowledge is power, but using it effectively is powerful. Share resources and learn how to contribute to a better future.

Trusted by Greenpeace

"Greenwire is increasing Greenpeace's reach and amplifying the power of our volunteers every day. It's a key element of a future in which the lines between online and offline activism are further blurred ..."

- Brian Fitzgerald, Greenpeace International Head of Digital Network & Mobilization

essential features
Created with volunteering at its core

A few of Open Social’s features that make getting volunteers together with a snap!

Groups and Events

Create open and closed groups to structure content according to member segments. Share knowledge with other teams.

Private messaging

Use private messaging for real-time communication. It's an easy way to share ideas and encourage others to make a difference.
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Activity Stream

Chronologically display activities of a group, user, or the whole community. Allow users to keep track of the important activities of other volunteers. Personalize your activity stream.

Send emails in bulk

Community managers can send emails to one or multiple members of the community from the people administration overview.


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How do you choose the right community software for your use case? Our guide by experts speeds up your decision-making process with a useful evaluation framework to buy community software. Download the guide for free!

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Open Social helps to connect and engage your volunteers:

✓ Sign up new volunteers easily
✓ Create connections between like-minded individuals
✓ Share knowledge and experiences
✓ Keep everyone up to date with the latest news and resources
✓ Promote discussion and give insight
✓ Organize online and offline events

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