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To stay ahead you need to constantly be learning

There are many types of learning. E-learning with online courses is a way to access formal education and training without the need to sit inside a classroom. 

- E-learning costs less for you. Get the most out of it with multiple uses of resources
- Save on travel expenses, printed course material and venue rentals
- By reducing your carbon footprint, the earth will be thankful! 
- Improve retention with interactive quizzes to immerse your people in the material

Explore how Open Social keeps you stay ahead!

Grow your community with online course management
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Learning should be a social experience

The most significant advantage of using Open Social to deliver your online courses is the fact that it is a social experience! Many online learning environments offer static, linear, solitary courses that are entirely self-driven. How often do people find themselves lacking the motivation to get started? Too often! 

Open Social provides the learning support of a community. Create groups and discussions around particular topics, message each other congratulations on completing modules and share updates in your activity stream.

Key features in Open Social


Create open and closed groups to structure content according to the course content. Share ideas and knowledge with others. Improve the course materials.


Create basic or advanced courses that are easy to create and simple to follow. Guide members through new materials inside your own community platform. Kick start learning and innovation.
resource library

Resource Library

Content lies at the heart of the community but where do you put all of it? The resource library is a system that structures all of your content so that information is easy to browse and find


Unsure about some course material? Discuss and debate. Ask your community for clarity. Learn from one another. People are always willing to help with topics they love.


take your advantage
Make e-learning part of every day

Kick start online learning and innovation in your organization

Buying Guide
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Choose the right online course software

A community saves you time and money, connects members, and achieves common goals. But finding and evaluating software vendors takes effort. That's why we're here to help with a guide made by community software experts.

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E-learning improves your organization for sure

Open Social helps you to:

✓ Boost the engagement level  and happiness of learners

✓ Create a positive and inclusive learning environment 

✓ Offer interactive and engaging community content

✓ Keep track of your members’ learning progress

✓ Generate ideas and share knowledge

Curious how Open Social works?

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