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Connection drives member engagement

- Connected members feel part of something bigger 

- Happy people outperform disengaged people

- Draw on members’ knowledge to drive real-world change

- Create the most loyal supporters for your business and brand

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Take employee engagement to the next level
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People are hard-wired to make connections

People who are engaged are more open to new ideas and tools. That's stimulating them also to think about ways to improve the activities they do. How can software improve engagement? 

By creating a well-connected community platform! People will thrive in an environment that provides a space for expression and discussion, encourage learning and growth opportunities and make communication a priority. 

Tap into the internal drive of your people and give them a space to reach their full potential supported by a online community platform

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Key features you absolutely need

Creating a platform to stay connected to your colleagues is very easy. As long the community software provides you with:

Foster online and offline in-person interaction

Connect people easily and facilitate networking with features like private messaging, online and offline events, and discussions.

Increase engagement and achieve your goals

Open discussions that lead to real action is a fantastic way to get members feeling involved and appreciated.
employee engagement
employee innovation

Vote on the best ideas to take action

Generating ideas is excellent. But putting them into action is even better. Gathering ideas by interacting online and participating in idea sessions.

Share updates regularly and inspire

Update your members inside a private or public group, send a private message or a post on your activity stream. Share interesting content to keep the team inspired.


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Transform with your organization

Open Social can do all this! Find out how we help you benefit

Buying Guide
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Your foolproof guide to buying software

How do you choose the right community software for your use case? Our guide by experts speeds up your decision-making process with a useful evaluation framework to buy community software. Download the guide for free!

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Improve employee engagement directly

Open Social enables you to:

✓ Build a branded digital space

✓ Easily maintain contact amongst members

✓ Discover new opportunities easily

✓ Keep your members happy

✓ Create real brand advocates

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