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Don't be longer limited by Forum Software

Most of the online forum software is easy to set up. You register, create a thread, and start discussing. But Discussion Forum Software has limitations!

× Users don't have full flexibility and are not completely in control
× Valuable knowledge gets lost because it's not easily searchable
× Users are not able to help your organization grow to your goals
× No customization options, e.g., posts and comments
× The software doesn't guarantee continuity, support and updates


Don't be limited and reach the full potential by using software that's much more than 'just' an alternative for Forum Software. 

Start building a knowledge platform! Curious how?

Discussion Forum
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Your own everlasting online knowledge resource

For many organizations, a forum is the most popular place to ask and answer questions about brands, products and services. It’s an online place where people discuss all kinds of topics, give advice, and share specific knowledge and experiences. It's a place where people search for answers, tips, tricks and experiences from other similar people. 

To make that happen, many organizations are using or thinking of using Forum Software. But there is an alternative out there with a lot more opportunities: a knowledge platform. Check it out!

Unlock the value of discussing online

Discussing topics, turning it into a knowledge platform and keep learning from it is much more powerful than just having a couple of threads with comments.

Make it simple

Improve understanding of complex subjects by collating information and sharing it with your members.

Stimulate engagement

Promote collaboration and discussion and keep your users engaged and loyal.
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resource library

Be up-to-date

Keep documents alive and in use and always have the latest versions available.

Sharing is caring

Crafted and curated content will be shared regularly across your platform.


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Share knowledge easily

Open Social can do all this! Find out how we help you benefit

Discourse vs Open Social
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Discussion Forum Software compared on 63 points

We know that it is challenging to select and compare enterprise software. That’s why we already compared Open Social to Discourse and Vanilla Forums on #63 points for you. Find out how we beat Forum Software.

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More than an alternative for Forum Software

Having a knowledge platform can be a crucial reason why an organization has been successful or not. Open Social’s software enables you to:

✓ Start immediately with building a knowledge base

✓ Configure and personalize easily to your brand

✓ Keep users engaged with the specially built features

✓ Enable users to customize their profiles and timelines

✓ Create and customize posts with a powerful text editor


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