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Don’t lose your competitive advantage. Drive innovation!

Community software helps your organization innovate:

- Become a flexible organization and make participation easy
- Receive input people from every level in your organization
- Unlock the power of the collective hive mind 
- Create a positive dialogue and transform ideas into real action
- Filter the best ideas (through phases) and produce solutions

Curious how Open Social does this all?

ideation community
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Build a home for all ideas to drive innovation

Innovation is vital in any organization because it gives companies an edge in remaining relevant in any market. No organization is exempt. If you fall behind, you will lose the advantage over your competitors. From the collection of ideas to implementation, our software supports every step of ideation. It’s time to say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and lost information. All stages of development will be in one place.

The best part? You get to make the community your own, a place comfortable enough for people to share.

Crowd innovation platform
give every member a voice
Transform ideas into real world action

Crowd innovation is not just about the idea generation. It’s about breathing life into the ideas you have. Successful innovation is sometimes just a matter of organizational flexibility. It requires a well-executed and thorough process. This is why we built the ideation feature.

The crowd innovation feature allows groups to present a problem or challenge that the community should solve together. Community managers can set user-defined stages and advance ideas as they develop. Members can comment on ideas and follow the progress. Feedback and votes ensure that the best ideas are created.

Make crowd innovation part of your process

The best way to support internal innovation is with collaborative features


Create topics for like-minded members to share information or organize discussions. Users can create long posts in the form of news, blogs, or discussions.

Crowd Innovation

Provide your members with a space to create and evaluate ideas. Community members participate in innovation challenges and activities that can consist of several phases.
team collaboration
crowd innovation community

Private Message

Facilitate working together with private messaging. Users can send private messages to each other through the platform. They will be notified when they receive a new message.


Open discussions that lead to real action is a fantastic way to get members feeling involved and appreciated. Discuss and debate over issues. Provide feedback for each other.


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Create an internal culture of collaboration

Open Social can do all this! Find out how we help you benefit

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Your foolproof guide to buying software

How do you choose the right community software for your use case? Our guide by experts speeds up your decision-making process with a useful evaluation framework to buy community software. Download the guide for free!

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Crowd innovation will improve your problem-solving

Open Social's software helps you to:

✓ Become a flexible organization and make participation easy

✓ Inspire interaction and understand what motivates your members 

✓ Bring the best out of your members; from idea generation to feedback

✓ Help your members keep track of meaningful conversations

✓ Filter the best ideas and transform them into real-world action

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