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Strengthen your business with an Alumni Network

- Attract and retain new talent or even rehire your former employees

- Gain from the intelligence and great insights wherever the alumni are

- Develop your client base by connecting to key persons in their network

- Create the most loyal supporters of your business and brand

Curious how to do it with Open Social?

All benefit from connecting Alumni

Your Organization

Maintaining a beneficial relationship with former employees is incredibly important. At some point, they will provide you with significant value again. In terms of recruiting, lead generation and deal closing. That's why big organizations such as Microsoft, McKinsey, Accenture, Nestle and Lufthansa are using software to stay in touch with former employees.

Your Employees

Your employees are expecting more than paying the salary on time. Developing new skills, learning from the best globally and locally experts, and being part of a close business network, are examples of reasons for employees to start working at your organization. And that's why they need a Corporate Alumni Network.

Your Alumni

Participating and engaging with your organization activities are vital for alumni after they built the best foundation for their careers at your organization. Being connected also gives them the chance to return to your organization at some point. That's the number one reason for them to stay in touch via an online network.


Corporate Alumni Network
keep the door open
A resignation doesn’t mean goodbye forever

For organizations, it's incredibly important to stay in touch with their former employees, also known as Corporate Alumni. Especially in niche labor fields. Former employees make up an excellent network of potential new clients and new hires. That's the reason why more and more organizations feel that the exit interview is not the end of the contact.

To take advantage of this immense opportunity, organizations use software to run their networks. Open Social helps you to create a robust network you need.

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Key features you absolutely need

Creating a professional network to keep in touch with your former employees is very easy. As long the corporate alumni software provides you with:

Foster online and offline in-person interaction

Connect people easily and facilitate networking with features like private messaging, online and offline events, and discussions

Gather all the years of experience

Discuss topics and get answers from the most talented people. The wealth of knowledge and experience you can draw from is incredible
ask corporate alumni
crowd innovation

Innovation in a structured way

Facilitate ideation around a specific topic. Get feedback and vote on the best ideas. Start implementing the ideas. Keep the feedback cycle alive.

Start building your most powerful resource

Create public and private groups, connect experts, share knowledge and insights, and build a powerful knowledge resource


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Start networking with Alumni

Open Social can do all this! Find out how we help you benefit

Buying Guide
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Your foolproof guide to buying a community

How do you choose the right community software for your use case? Our guide by experts speeds up your decision-making process with a useful evaluation framework to buy community software. Download the guide for free!

the solution
Your own Corporate Alumni Network

Open Social enables you to:

✓ Build your own branded Corporate Alumni Network

✓ Easily maintaining contact regularly

✓ Discover new business opportunities

✓ Find and hire new talent

✓ Create real brand advocates

Trusted by over 1,000 organizations

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