Internal Communication
eliminate confusion, start working together
Internal Communication

Do away with the tiresome habit of sending unnecessary emails, and get your employees excited with a social intranet. It is no secret that informed employees are happy and more productive employees.

Build a community with Open Social
work in sync
Team Collaboration

It’s easy to dismiss teamwork and assume that it happens when you set a group of people to work. It doesn’t. You need to give the team the right structure and tools to make it successful. It's easier than ever before to set up a social intranet and let team members interact with each other.

crowd innovation platform
let’s grow your organization
Crowd Innovation

Crowd innovation is not just about the idea generation. It’s about breathing life and action into the ideas you have. Successful innovation is sometimes just a matter of organizational flexibility. It requires a well-executed and thorough process. This is why we built the ideation feature.

social networking community
connect. communicate. collaborate.
Social Networking

Social networking is an online solution that makes it possible for like-minded people to stay in touch with each other. It's all about building social relationships. One of the primary needs we have as humans. You can have your social network for your organization!

Online volunteering software
team up and get involved
Online Volunteering

Online volunteering helps organizations and volunteers to team up and collaborate – anywhere in the world, from any device. When skilled and enthusiastic individuals work with great organizations to make a positive difference, everyone wins.

employees engagement community
reach their full potential
Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is created by having a well-connected workforce. People will thrive in an environment that provides a space for expression and discussion, encourage learning and growth opportunities and make communication a priority.

Corporate Alumni Network
don’t say goodbye forever
Corporate Alumni

For organizations, it's incredibly important to stay in touch with their former employees, also known as Corporate Alumni. Especially in niche labor fields. Former employees make up an excellent network of potential new clients and new hires. That's the reason why more and more organizations feel that the exit interview is not the end of the contact.

Online Course Management
become more successful
Course Management

Organizations that invest in e-learning see an immediate improvement in member satisfaction, knowledge retention and increased productivity.
Don’t let your organization get left behind because of outdated thinking and practices around education and training. Learning is not just something you did at school; e-learning is fun and is a fundamental part of modern life.

Discussion Forum
be ready for the future
Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum Software is outdated. It doesn’t operate how modern conversations should run. Many organizations are using or thinking of using Forum Software. But there is an alternative out there with a lot more opportunities: a knowledge platform. Check it out!