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Is your business only using email, your website and the occasional company update to communicate with your employees? That is not enough today. This top-down-model is a sure-fire way to decrease productivity, waste company money and fail to reach your business goals.

On the flip side, is your business relying on too many tools like chat systems, emails, outdated filing systems on servers and multiple project management tools? This long list of channels and passwords can overwhelm and disengage your employees.

What if you could bring employees together in a Social Intranet that allows your employees to work in sync with one another? That would be perfect, right?!

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What is a Social Intranet? 

A social intranet is an internal website that helps your employees stay connected and engaged with your business. Essentially is a digital workspace that is fully integrated with your business tools and helps your employees get the job done

Within a social intranet, employees can contribute to business-wide discussions, communicate their ideas to their teams, search easily among content and be able to collaborate easily with other colleagues.

Social Intranet
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Why should your business use a social intranet?

- Boost employee engagement and happiness
- Increase productivity within and between teams
- Save money on IT and developer costs
- Create a positive two-way culture
- Generate ideas, solve problems and share knowledge

Really? YES, check it out yourself!

Trusted by United Nations

"We chose Open Social for the flexibility to customize the platform and the possibility to get the new extensions added by other community members."

- United Nations Development Programs (UNDP)

Buying Guide
buying guide
Your foolproof guide to buying a social intranet

How do you choose the right community software for your social intranet? Our guide created by experts speeds up your decision-making process with a useful evaluation framework to buy community software. Download the guide for free!

If you already know your business needs a social intranet, scroll further and find out why Open Social is the best fit.

Open Social
Social Intranet solution

Open Social is a good fit because you don’t need to:

× Waste time setting up your community
× Spend so much money on many tools
× Be afraid of security issues and data leaks

Open Social allows you quickly to:

Connect your members in one place
Promote collaboration and share content 
Drive innovation with no interruptions

Do you want to know more? Or do you want to try out the software for free? Please contact our Sales Team. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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