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Collaborate anytime and anywhere

An extranet is like an intranet, except it allows you to invite users outside of your organization to join. It’s a place for people to collaborate, share their knowledge, and streamline business processes such as data sharing.

  • All content in one place.
  • Security? You’re safe with us.
  • Brainstorm and grow together. 

Create an extranet where users can interact in real-time through private messaging and increase productivity in groups and discussions. Create attractive landing pages to promote events and special content.

Use Open Social to provide your users with access to their own extranet. 

Resource library feature
Resource Library Feature

Our resource library is perfect for an extranet. Your community can build an everlasting knowledge base. Sharing knowledge and working together is important to success.

Since information changes and evolves quickly, community members need to be able to find and share content effectively and quickly.

It's a system that structures content so that information is easy to browse and find. Once information has been published, it can be indexed for search in your community.

In the end, you're left with searchable information, a click away from your the members on your extranet.

This feature is only available for our enterprise customers.

internal communication
work together effectively
Bring stakeholders together in one place

An extranet is a space for employees, stakeholders, and alike to come together. Open Social creates a sense of unity and enthusiasm for this space - both vital for an effective community! Create groups and discussions, and combine them in any way you want. You have the power to accommodate your extranet to any scenario.

There are only so many hours in a day. Increase productivity with a well-connected extranet community.

internal communication
enhance internal communications
Internal communication at the heart of your extranet

Effective internal communication is the key to helping your community members reach their goal. Use private messaging for real-time communication. It's an easy way to share ideas and encourage creativity. 

Open Social comes with various other internal communication tools such as groups, comments, and e-mail notifications that help your members keep track of important conversations.

working together in community
sharing knowledge effectively
Capture valuable knowledge with Open Social

A collaborative community prospers when knowledge sharing is made easy. All you need is a platform that enables the sharing of ideas and easy communication.

Open Social helps your employees and stakeholders to distribute information and documents in topics and discussions. Our personalized activity stream ensures that they will only see relevant updates. Grow and learn together.