Discover the powerful features of Open Social

Our features connect users and inspire action. They range from community management, collaboration, and activity streams to privacy, platform configuration, and information management. Everything you need for your community platform.

Extensions that boost ambitious communities

We’re committed to achieving your community goals. Choose or suggest an extension that supports your community and extends the Open Social software. Extensions are only available for SaaS Enterprise customers.

A perfect match for your organization

Discover which area of expertise fits you best. We provide solutions for external, volunteer and ideation communities. You’ll connect and engage hundreds of stakeholders, employees, volunteers, and members thanks to our flexible software.

We take your safety and security seriously

Multiple layers of security protect your community. You meet compliance requirements. Your data is safe. You are protected against all known vulnerabilities.

Launch your online community today

Open Social is available as SaaS Basic for companies that need cut-and-dry community software with all features available. Or as SaaS Enterprise for ambitious projects that need custom features, API integrations, and design. The choice is yours.

community documentation
A professional guide to using our software

Our resource center explains how to construct, set up, and run your community with Open Social. You'll find answers, examples, and guidance. Can’t find what you need? You can always reach out to our support team.

community roadmap
We develop software together with you

You have a direct influence on the future of Open Social. We continuously listen to feedback to determine which future functionalities are developed to make the best software for you. Suggestions are added and voted on in our roadmap tool.

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