The Goal

Digital transformation with a seamless connection, dialogue, and ideation across all UNDP platforms to better serve their mission and allow internal and external communication between their 60,000 plus community members.


Create a Multi-Stakeholder Platform by integrating UNDP’s internal and external collaboration platforms to allow seamless collaboration.


A complete overhaul of the Global Dev Hub platform now relaunched as SparkBlue.

SparkBlue groups
Answering a growing need for new integrations

The United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) had an existing platform provided by Open Social focused exclusively on managing external stakeholders. But there was a growing need for this platform to integrate more community features, and become a central hub of information and engagement for both internal and external participants and stakeholders. The transition from the previous platform to the new platform needed to take place seamlessly.

On top of new community engagement, innovation, and  social learning features provided by Open Social, the UNDP needed a dashboard system for their Communities of Practice. These Open Social dashboards provide a full circle experience for users. 

A well-executed digital transformation strategy

Open Social worked with UNDP to turn SparkBlue into a seamlessly integrated platform that aligns with their ambitious digital transformation needs:

(✓) UNDP’s digital transformation should connect knowledge within the organization and across their networks of partners to come up with better ideas for those they serve

(✓) UNDP should be able to digitally host the high-profile multi-stakeholder collaborations that have attracted 60,000+ participants to date

(✓) The platform should offer a centralized hub for community engagement and communication

(✓) Internal and external tools should spark collaboration and engagement across the organization

(✓) Microsoft Office 365 and other external collaboration platforms should be integrated with the platform

SparkBlue dashboard
Dashboards offer a central hub for members

Open Social’s Dashboard extension allowed the UNDP to create a fully integrated and centralized experience for members. 

  • Custom content allow a range of community activities and data to be placed in a single page for easy engagement. 
  • Blocks can display content-streams like newest discussions, most interacted challenges, most liked topics, and more. 
  • Users can follow each Communities of Practice and get dashboard notifications when new items within that Communities of Practice tag is added. 
Microsoft integrated login screen and Yammer messages synchronization with SparkBlue comments, likes and files
Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer integration

UNDP makes use of Open Social’s Microsoft Office 365 integration for internal collaboration across the organization. This Open Social extension enables:

  • The use of profile credentials for Single Sign-on between Microsoft Office 365 and the SparkBlue platform
  • User profile data remain the same across Microsoft Delve and SparkBlue 
  • Users are able to do two-way interactions with Yammer discussions on SparkBlue
  • SparkBlue content synchronizes with Yammer messages, likes, comments, and files

In addition to Microsoft Office 365 integration, SparkBlue is also powered by a number of other Open Social extensions, including: 

  • Discussions
  • Events 
  • Courses
  • Resource Library 
  • Content submission portal 
  • Profiles and notifications
  • Badges 
SparkBlue discussions
Why does UNDP choose to partner with Open Social?

Open Social offers organisations the opportunity to request custom extensions that we setup fast for each project. When UNDP wants to implement a new initiative they do not need to start from the beginning each time. Instead, we build on existing solutions and integrations, adapt them to the project specifications, develop specific feature requests, and deploy the new platform quickly.

This not only makes Open Social an ideal partner for priority projects but also makes Open Social one of the most cost-effective community software solutions available.

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