The Goal

Contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by bringing foundations and philanthropists together.

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Open Source Benefits All

This community spans across various countries, each with their own initiatives. This means the platform has to support various sections that contain a wide variety of information. Due to our flexible open source software, we were able create graphically-stunning country pages that had featured their own compelling story and workplace.

Bricks feature

Brick Feature

The country pages were designed using the Open Social ‘brick’ feature. The site manager can create each country page as its own content type, making it easy to alter. Each country page consists of various sections, each with their own purpose (text only, graphical elements, content references, embed statistical tools, and more). To ensure maximum flexibility, sections can be placed anywhere on the page, the order can be changed via drag and drop, and they can appear multiple times.


The SDG Philanthropy Platform consists of private sector companies, individuals, and NGOs that want to contribute to the SDGs and collect information about the philanthropic landscape of a country.


What did SDG Philanthropy achieve with Open Social?


SDG Philanthropy and Open Social create visually-appealing pages, intuitive graphical solutions, and informative images. This helps promotes the community to the private sector. 


The site managers are able to construct each country page to their liking with Open Social's brick feature. 


The community has successfully enabled its users to reach the ultimate goal: work together and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.