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Pachamama offers an on- and offline ‘Awakening the Dreamer’ course. To make this available within the Pachamama Alliance platform we integrated a course module into the Open Social platform. By now, this feature is available to our all our Enterprise customers.

Example of the course module

Course Module

For Pachamama’s ‘Awakening the Dreamer’ course we built a special course module which is also available to Open Social clients now. In the course module you walk users through a step-by-step course program complete with video, text and an opportunity for users to keep track of their progress.

It's important for our organization to have a flexible software solution for the changing needs of our community. Open Social is a great community foundation to build upon. It has allowed us to spend our resources on the 20% of development that is unique to our community while the Open Social Team handles the other 80% out of the box.
Chris Block Web Developer Pachamama
Chris Block
Web Developer

Project highlight

For the Pachamama Alliance Online Community we have built and are continuing to build exciting new modules that are used by other Open Social customers. Next to the course module, we also co-developed an analytics module with Pachamama. After integrating this into our core product, this allows all Open Social users to set and monitor KPIs for their communities. Everything was achieved without deviating too much from the existing Open Social core product, allowing for a quick, cost effective and easy launch.

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Evelien Schut
Community Consultant
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