The Goal

Connect NWO employees to improve scientific efficiency and professionalism.

June 29th, 2017
Date of Launch


Open Social provided a great foundation for building the NWO community. Triquanta created a new Joost homepage that allowed users to personalize it with widgets, giving its users a filtered view and quick access to applications and latest news. Triquanta also introduced a ‘paragraphs’ module that gave editors more freedom in constructing the layout of intranet content. This means that pages can be composed freely with a set of predetermined elements such as text, galleries, and video.

A good intranet serves as a central hub for all stakeholders and requires easy and reliable user management. Therefore, a link was created between the Active Directory Federation Services with the personnel system Workforce and Active Directory for synchronizing account details. Guest users can be automatically logged-in based on their IP-address.

Content ownership feature on Joost

Content Ownership Feature

Within the NWO intranet, there are a number of editors who publish content for other team members. Triquanta added the content ownership feature to facilitate this activity. Now, both the content owner and the person who wrote the content receive a notification whenever someone has engaged with the content. To make it even easier for users to find content, Triquanta expanded the search field with a drop-down that includes suggestions and a filter based on content type.


The intranet is used by employees of the NWO as well as guest users of affiliated organisations.

It’s great to see that employees are starting to see the intranet as a natural part of their day. The social functionalities, such as groups and the possibility to interact with all of the content, have ensured further engagement and knowledge sharing.
Ilona de Lange as the Intranet Project Lead
Ilona de Lange
Intranet Project Lead

Project Highlights

The implementation of Joost took 3 months. This demonstrates Open Social’s unique ability to develop and deliver a modern and social intranet within a short time span. Moreover, Triquanta and Open Social worked together to customize this intranet according to the needs of NWO employees, such as a personalized homepage. The intranet has already become the central place for NWO employees to find the latest news and interact with each other.

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