The Goal

Support sustainability leaders dedicated to the 2030 UN sustainability agenda.

Summer 2017
Launch Date
SDG Gateways by 2018
Profilers by 2018


The vision of our customer, social enterprise C-Change, is huge: establish a global ‘LinkedIn’ that effectively connects sustainable development platforms across the world. Together, we developed a compelling interface that motivates users to both display and further the impact of their social work. Moreover, a tech blueprint was designed together with the United Nations and other Open Social platforms (incl. Global Dev Hub, the SDG Philanthropy Forum) that will ultimately allow the exchange of user profiles between systems.

Call to Action example on C-Change Platform

'Call to Action' Feature

IMPACT PRO(FILER) invites its users to outline their support needs by adding a ‘call to action’ to funders, media, and experts visiting the site. The result: a marketplace where users can link up with the right partners for them. This feature was made specifically for C-Change, so that they could fulfil their vision: 'Profile your work, impact, and support needs, and we make it our business to connect you to the resources you need to succeed’.


IMPACT PRO(FILER) offers networks and organizations a tool to effectively contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The portal is designed to support corporations, social enterprises, NGOs, and governments alike, and – given its joint rollout with the United Nations - is lined up to become the ‘platform of record’ for SDG collaboration.

Coming from a large corporation that cared about sustainability but lacked the systems to ‘connect for impact’ with their community, I knew our platform could be a game changer. Open Social allowed us to hit the ground running and convert our vision into a clear development roadmap in no time.
CEO and founder of C-Change
Carolien de Bruin
Founder & CEO C-Change

What did IMPACT PRO(FILER) achieve with Open Social?


Open Social helped design an compelling interface that motivates users to further the impact of their social work.


IMPACT PRO(FILER)  highlighted their users' support needs by adding a ‘call to action’ to funders, media, and experts.


Over 500 new impact profiles were created on the Gateway within a period of fewer than two months.


IMPACT PRO(FILER) won international acclaim as an innovative vehicle for delivering on-the-ground change.

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