The Goal

Connect prospective, current and future students to create a stronger sense of community.

Why do educational institutes need online communities?

Democratize information

Holmesglen ensures that all members and staff can access the same knowledge, no matter their study or roles.  

Align students and teachers

Holmesglen provides a stronger sense of community among members with groups and discussions.

Started with a beta community

Holmesglen created a small sample community before its official launch. This method allows organizations to test community ideas and start off on the right foot.

  1. Invite a small group of users 
  2. Test content and strategy
  3. Collect feedback

Holmesglen initially outsourced the community management from the Tingle Tree Group to really lift off their community. Over 10% of users are currently very active, making it a success!

Learn about beta communities.

Holmesglen Beta Community

Advantages of beta communities

community strategy
community content
We want students to feel that this is their space to ask questions, form study or social groups, and share placement experiences.
Social Media Manager for Holmesglen
Tanima Haque
Social Media Manager for Holmesglen

A network for students by students

Content reporting feature in Open Social

Give power to the members

The biggest challenge for any community is to ensure useful and valuable content, rather than abusive or hateful.

Holmesglen needs to protect its students from any harm, but regularly scanning content takes time and effort. 

To help community management, Holmesglen allowed their members to report inappropriate, abusive or spam content themselves when they see it. 

Easily report content

Comments, posts, and other content types have a drop-down menu in the right corner with a 'report' link. Members can choose to report content that is defined as inappropriate. 

This feature is very flexible! Site managers can: 

  1. Choose to enable or disable 'Unpublished immediately’ in the settings.
  2. Create several 'reasons’ that members can choose when reporting content. 
  3. Scan list of reported content in an overview. 

Learn to manage abusive content in your community.

Content reporting feature in Open Social

Implementation Update

Curious about how the community is progressing? We'll leave regular updates here. 

This community was launched in January 2019. It has: 

  • Over 300 members on the platform
  • 15 active discussions on educational projects
  • 20% uplift in users after their first recruitment campaign

Holmesglen would like to set up an ambassador program to increase community engagement. These members will help post topics and start discussions. Stay tuned for the results!

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