The Goal

Impact global policies, connect professionals, and raise awareness

March 24th 2017
Date of relaunch


Discussions on GlobalDevHub dig deep, so purely text-based comments just wouldn’t do. To ensure that users could post rich comments, we customized the discussion functionality on this platform with rich editors and custom, time-based publishing workflows.

All of this is still based on our core functionality. Our ability to make one key feature the focal point for GlobalDevHub while simultaneously not losing sight of our other features demonstrates how flexible Open Social truly is. 

Sending over 50.000 invites to users of various UN legacy platforms was a crucial moment. It was great to see double figure sign-up rates. Together with Open Social we made the first consultation period a success. Over 200 comments within the first few days!
Zach Hongola
Zach Hongola
Information Systems Specialist at UNDP
Customizing the discussions

Customizing the discussions

GlobalDevHub focuses on one main interaction: e-Discussions (or consultations). Open Social is built as a more all-round community platform since it offers a broader set of functions, but some depth was lacking for the consultations.

To resolve this we expanded the discussions feature, implementing additional roles for moderation and enabling WYSIWYG editors to allow users to style their comments. We also implemented time frames for the discussions so they could be open and closed by the moderators.



GlobalDevHub consists of a community of scientists, professionals, and others working on Sustainable Development Goals with the UNDP. It is also open to people who are otherwise connected to or interested in the various e-Discussion topics.

What did GlobalDevHub achieve with Open Social?


The GlobalDevHub was built within 3 months, showing the speed with which we can deliver big and complex projects.


GlobalDevHub experienced impressive engagement thanks to Open Social's focus on e-discussions. Additional roles were created to encourage participation.


GlobalDevHub's community discussions expand beyond the original consultations, allowing members to not only contribute but also shape the international development agenda.

Contact Evelien for your own custom community solution
Evelien Schut
Community Consultant
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