The Goal

Deliver results that are long-lasting and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs


A platform that can sustain political momentum by connecting the right stakeholders with the right information.


A platform with easy-to-find resources and encourages knowledge sharing vital for achieving common SDGs.  

Looking for a one-stop hub

GPEDC needed a platform combining community engagement and learning with an extensive resource library. The community provides the right in-depth information with various stakeholders that discuss topics, join groups, plan events, and work together to achieve results. Open Social was able to build a resource hub that caters to both the information and community needs of GPEDC.

A fresh design of Open Social

GPEDC event

We created a new, simple, and clean design of Open Social that focused on information rather than images.

  • Landing pages are created in a newsletter style with a focus on the title.
  • Pages can be completely text-focused with no need for images at all.
  • Profiles and groups are more structured to improve findability.
  • Groups and events display activity statistics so users can determine relevance quickly.

The result? An attractive re-design of Open Social that can be requested for any existing Open Social community. See the new profile layout below!

Open Social New Design

Resource Library

GPEDC Resource library

The resource library is a one-stop shop for any community stakeholder.

Community managers choose which content is added to the library. Therefore, all resources remain relevant for knowledge sharing. Choose:

  • The content added by default (e.g., discussions or topics)
  • The content manually added (e.g., events or groups)
  • The content suggested by users by approving/declining  

Community managers have control over the curation and distribution of knowledge. 

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Implementation Update

Curious about how the community is progressing? We'll leave regular updates here. 

This is a relatively new community, so no data is available yet. However, the U.N.D.P. aims to build a community-led platform, with groups, discussions, and consultations initiated and used by practitioners from the GPEDC.

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