The Goal

Ensure better policies and laws for the DSA startup members

The challenge

Match the interest of the community members with the different lobbying tracks.

The outcome

A combination of groups and landing pages that attracts support and matches members with the right initiative.

Statistics from soft launch

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A community run by startups and for startups

The startup ecosystem in the Netherlands is booming and are a force to be reckoned with in terms of innovation and economic growth. It’s time they’re considered and acknowledged in terms of national legislation, economic policies, education regulations, and other governmental issues.

That’s what the Dutch Startup Association thought. They’d like politicians to start talking with startups than about them.

In order to act as the voice of startups, the DSA needed a community platform that encouraged startups to share their concerns and voice.

Dutch Startup Association

Open Social as the megaphone

The DSA chose Open Social because of its ability to structure information effectively. Also, Open Social’s Basic SaaS version contained more than enough features to achieve its goal without splurging on a community.

Imagine how many different topics could be discussed in the DSA; varying from type of startup, to their location, to the law, to the current events, etc.

The DSA needed a platform that could not only create various groups for all these discussions but also structure the community so information is easily finable.

So, how did they do it?


Group feature DSA

Group Feature

The DSA used Groups to create spaces for each important discussion topic. Group notifications help encourage members to stay active and participate.

The DSA was also able to use different Group Types depending on the nature of the discussion.

  • Closed Groups is used for sensitive topics
  • Open Groups is used to share information with all DSA members
  • Public Groups is used to share discussions with people outside the community and attract new members.  

Groups keep relevant information in one place, effectively building a dossier on long-term topics.

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Landing Page Feature

The DSA represents startups on a national level in The Hague and on a European level in Brussels. These two locations consist of different levels of politics and information, and therefore require separate discussions and groups.

Landing Pages were used to categorize these levels and help members to distinguish the information. The attractive layout also contributed to a trustworthy brand and image for the DSA.

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DSA Landing Page Feature
Open Social is a great solution for collecting and listening to the voices of startups. We've implemented the basic version of their software, which covers all our needs.
Pieter: Director of the Dutch Startup Association
Pieter Veldhuizen
Director of the Dutch Startup Association

Twitter campaign boosted community signups

DSA Twitter promotions


We prepared a Twitter campaign for the Dutch StartUp Association to increase sign-ups to the community. Here are the results:

  • We received a total of 790k impressions
  • We only paid € 2,- for every 1.000 impressions
  • 2.000 link clicks to the blogs
  • We received 325 new followers

The promotion of 8 blogs posts was responsible for 20% of the current DSA members!

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