The Goal

Share experiences, knowledge, and resources easily between municipalities and keep improving their own product


An open source platform that encourages feedback and engagement from municipalities.


Thanks to its Open Social community, Dimpact is using real users insights to improve its product WIM. 

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Improving our product WIM

Dimpact's product WIM allows municipalities to inform and support their inhabitants, companies, and tourists. Dimpact needed a central place to discuss further steps and improvements of their product WIM with municipalities.

Looking for an open source platform to easily:

  • Inform their users about product updates;
  • Discuss product improvements;
  • Organize offline events to work on ideas;
  • Allow users to easily share their own features available to others;
  • Create manuals and documentation.

Open Social's Basic Package

They found all they needed in Open Social’s Basic Package with features like topics, discussions, events, notifications, and book pages. 

  • Open and closed groups to control content distribution;
  • Users can find each other quickly with the search function;
  • Notifications keep members coming back to the platform;
  • and more features

With our basic package, you can start your community immediately with a 30-day FREE trial!

Dimpact community

"The basic concept of Open Social and the use of Receptive to vote for new functionalities, so it gets even better, is greatly valued by us!"
Sander van den Berg
Sander van den Berg
Advisor E-Services of Dimpact

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Book pages

Book pages for manuals

Dimpact uses book pages to create manuals and documentation for its users. A book consists of multiple book pages which are organized in a hierarchical way.

This feature has the following benefits:

  • Hierarchical structure makes information easy to follow
  • Table of contents provides an overview of the content
  • Pages help organize information in large quantities

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Implementation Update

Curious about how the community is progressing? We'll leave regular updates here.

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