The Goal

Coordinate disaster risk reduction, and emergency preparedness, response and recovery.

Current Locations
Locations by 2020


CBi caters to the dual need of both a private working space and a public support space. The public space focuses on acquiring new members and informing the public of ongoing projects. The private space allows those involved in the project to coordinate efforts and share information. This structure is unique, serving the needs of the community at every step of community building.

To raise awareness and effectively display existing projects within CBi, a network of landing pages was created. These landing pages are constructed using predefined sections and modules that can be added/adjusted by the site manager with ease. This mechanism is not only user-friendly and flexible, but it ensures that each page is built according to the needs/goals of the different networks.

Workspace feature example used by CBi

Workspace Feature

We created the workspaces feature specifically for CBi. Each network consists of a public showcase, and a private, invite-only workspace for those that are coordinating the relief efforts. This allows networks to focus on both creating awareness and coordinating efforts. The public space can be viewed by anyone. The private workspace hosts internal discussions and relevant files, and members can only be invited by the group/network manager.

CBi users


CBi consists of a network of individual professionals, NGOs, governmental agencies, and private businesses that want to be involved in coordinating disaster relief.

Project Highlight

CBi is one of the first communities that caters to both public awareness and the actual coordination of relief efforts. It connects sub-national, national, regional, thematic, and industry business networks, all with the same goal to alleviate human suffering. CBi plans to expand to 40 countries by 2020. The community was recently launched, and updates will be provided throughout its growth. Check out the community here!

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