The Goal

Connect entities in need with those who have supplies and capacity critical to ensuring continued R&D

about the urgency
BIO President Jim Greenwood
jim greeenwood


"We are all in this fight together. It will take the great scientists of this industry working together across the globe to win the battle against an invisible enemy. Creating a central location to match need requests with availability helps research and development programs continue."

launched within 48 hours
BIO created a portal to expedite Coronavirus R&D

The science is galloping forward, and collaboration between the public and private sectors is vital to combat the coronavirus. That's why Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), based in The United States, released a new online hub. This hub connects entities in need with those who have supplies and capacity critical to ensuring continued research and development.

In 48 hours, we launched together with BIO their new hub. We are delighted to help to achieve their incredibly important mission.

Our Solution: An Online Community

Every online community is essentially a knowledge-sharing platform. So, connect members with the right information in discussions. Our personalized activity stream ensures that members only see updates relevant to them.

In the end, knowledge is power, but using it effectively is truly powerful. Share resources and learn how to contribute to a better future.


Make the most of basic features


A powerful search function allows users to easily find what they need.


Users can share short messages and images through posts with the community, a group, or another user.

Private Messages

Users can send private messages to a user or a group of users.

Topics and Comments

Users can create long posts in the form of news, blogs, or discussions. Users can provide comments on various community content.


BIO about Open Social

— Joe Hansen, Managing Director, Digital Communications & Branding at BIO (@infodude) March 23, 2020 (source: Twitter)

"We reached out to Open Social for an extremely rapid deployment of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Coronavirus Hub. With the help of their skilled team, we went live 48-hours after our initial discussion."

- Rich Masters, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs at BIO

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