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Open Social’s live demo on core online community features

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30 Nov
Open Social Live Demo
Join Open Social’s Adéla Kalkantová for a live demo of Open Social’s core online community features and find answers to all your questions about setting up your own community.
30 Nov
6 December
Open Social at BIAF
Join Open Social’s Mathijs Vleeming at the Brussels International Association Forum.
6 December

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Social media vs owned platforms: Where should I be building my online community?

A panel discussion with leading experts as they discuss this key question for online community building

Manage Your Online Community Efficiently with Seamless Platform Integrations

How does seamless CRM and other system integrations can make managing an online community more efficient

Create a Member Engagement Journey with the Community Experience Pyramid

Discover how to take new members on a journey that turns them into active community contributors


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31 Community Engagement Ideas

Find inspiring techniques, tactics and ideas to keep your members engaged.

Online Community Buying Guide

Choose a community solution to matches your ambitions

Community Building Guide

Survive your first year of community building with this expert guide.


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See how Open Social fares against competitor platforms with +60 points of comparison

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