Building Innovative Online Community Software Together

Open Social has partnered with a number of key players in various industries across the world. Together we build and distribute innovative online community software and social intranet solutions to an ever-expanding range of organizations and locations.

Implementation Partners

Together with our implementation partners, we are able to reach a wider international audience, offering organizations across the world and across sectors a way to easily implement custom Open Social software solutions.  


Map pinThe Netherlands

SIMgroep is a software supplier for municipalities, provinces, and administrative bodies. Together we provide governmental organizations with future-proof social intranet solutions.

"SIM Open Social is a great basis for online communication and knowledge sharing in your organization. With the experience of Open Social in online social platforms and SIMgroep’s experience in the local government market as a knowledge and implementation partner, we create a strong partnership!"
Roelof Schram
Roelof Schram
Product & Business Development Manager at SIMgroep
crowd-creation logo

Map pinGermany

Crowd-Creation specializes in providing clients with flexible community software solutions. Together we are able to service a wider range of clients in Europe.

Lemberg Logo

Map pinUkraine

Lemberg is a development company that creates specialized software for clients and one of Open Social’s biggest partners.

Together we build and provide clients with uniquely tailored community software, ensuring maximum flexibility and scalability of Open Source products.

“Lemberg had collaborated with Open Social from the very beginning. Since the product launch, we've witnessed tremendous growth of this platform from beta to an enterprise product. We are absolutely confident that it's a great software to build versatile community solutions.”
Roman Paska
Roman Paska
Head of Web development, Lemberg
Vardot logo

Map pin USA

Vardot provides clients with enterprise-level Drupal expertise. Together we are able to service a wider range of clients in the USA. 

Your Personal logo
Your Personal

Map pinNetherlands

Your Personal is a development studio focusing on knowledge- and experiences-technology. Together we reach organizations in new sectors and industries.

Technical Partners

Our technical partners help us develop innovative new features to add to the Open Social software and services.

Drupal logo

Map pinUSA

Drupal is the open-source platform used by Open Social for building community software. We have come to work closely with the Drupal organization and community in building Open Source solutions and features for organizations around the world. Drupal is at the center of Open Social’s approach to software solutions.

Open Social is a regular attendant and speaker at Drupal events worldwide, and an active community member. logo

Map pinFrance is a hosting and deployment company.

Open Social chose to partner with to free up clients from the hassle and costs involved in setting up hosting.

"The Open Social application can play a transformative role in an organization’s communications. Deploying directly onto removes the last barrier and sets the stage for success for people evaluating the solution."
Robert Douglass
VP Customer Success,
CKEditor 5
CKEditor 5

Map pinPoland

CKEditor 5 is a powerful editing framework. Through our partnership we are able to add RealTime collaboration features to Open Social software

Growing together
The Open Social Partnership Program

Open Social is always looking for new partners who are interesting in growing their business alongside ours. Partnering with Open Social holds a number of benefits:

Roadmap prioritization

Partner agencies get early access to our road map prioritization sessions. By co-creating new Open Social features, we can build a better product that maximizes value for both you and your customers.

Kickback & Qualified leads

Next to a kickback on our SaaS rates when you supply a customer, we get offer requests from all over the world. We make referrals to our partners based on location. We are happy to supply you with qualified leads!

Knowledge sharing

Leverage the expert knowledge of our team to help accelerate your ability to meet your clients’ requirements and demands, including up-to-date marketing and sales template(s) and quarterly training on new Open Social distribution best practices
Partnership Open Social
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