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A social business must operate socially

Social Enterprise organizations are in a unique position as they try to have a social impact while involving and engaging members affected by their intended outcome. Organizations like this help to enable actual change in the world. The challenges Social Enterprise organizations face are:

- Increasing competition from local councils and other startups 
- Accessing finance
- Collaboration between staff and other stakeholders 
- Retaining a strong sense of social purpose

Do you want to operate socially and enable real change? Explore Open Social!

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Face your Social Enterprise challenges

Do you also feel the pain when you try to face your challenges? No worries, there is a solution: Open Social. With our software you're able to:

- Mobilize your movement and translate your vision into action
- Source volunteers and connect different stakeholders
- Create awareness of your mission and improve relationships

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Social business gets a social makeover

Open Social helps you to build your own branded community easily. Our community software helps your organization by:

Brand advocates

Recruiting advocates for your cause. Host events where people can volunteer to execute your organizational goals


Create digital connections with events, discussions, and topics to encourage an environment of support between all of your stakeholders
social enterprise community
crowd innovation


Host Crowd Sourcing innovation sessions to disrupt your market! Be an agent of change

Curated content

Raise awareness for your cause by posting interesting content to members that generate discussion


Social Enterprise software
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Software for every role in your organization

If you are the CEO, stay on your mission and update your community by regularly posting to remind them of the goals you are trying to achieve

Manager of Operations
If you are the Manager of Operations, create a knowledge center for all of your operational documents 

Social Impact Associate
If you are a Social Impact Associate, create digestible summary reports and share them with an engaged audience. 

Program Officer
If you are a Program Officer, build relationships with other organizations and invite them into your community. Use both public and private groups to bring people together 

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A social e-learning platform with the benefits of a community

A smart space to keep all of your data and intel all in one place

Build an online community and have an impact on the world
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Open Social will help you complete your mission

Complete your tool-box to create social change with our Community Solution.

✓ Delivering immediate results
✓ Providing an easy to use space for collaboration 
✓ Easy to set up, affordable and scalable 
✓ Can help deliver your services 
✓ Keeps staff engaged and happy 


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