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In a Professional Service Organisation, your business faces unique challenges because of the nature of the company and what you sell. The knowledge and expertise of your fantastic staff. This opens up a whole different set of issues for your business. The challenges Professional Service businesses face are:

- Not having enough hours in the day
- Competition from other businesses 
- Keeping mobile and doing business anywhere 
- Spending too many hours producing reports 
- Inefficiently working across multiple projects 
- HR issues with finding and keeping the right sort of talent

Open Social helps you face the challenges

create professional connections
Stay at the top of your game

To get ahead of the game, you have to stay ahead of the game. No business can successfully lead behind. Open Social helps you succeed by:

- Allowing colleagues to make meaningful connections
- Get easy access to a network in a professional setting
- Helping to create new ways of working that help share the workload
- Improve internal communication by working in an efficient manner
- Providing a space where people can share opinions and debate topics
- Challenge each other’s ideas and develop your business
- Creating opportunities for industry events and training
- An excellent networking platform that is free from annoying recruiters

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Build your own connected business network

Open Social’s community software helps your organization by:


Members can reach out with private messaging and social interaction is threaded across the platform through comments and reactions


Allow the sharing of crucial information between all sectors in the business in a mobile-friendly format
professional services community
team collaboration


Create meaningful connections with events, discussions, and topics to encourage an environment of support between colleagues, regardless of their location

Share knowledge

Share and curate knowledge to foster growth in the organization


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Your foolproof guide to buying a community software

How do you choose the right community software for your use case? Our guide by experts speeds up your decision-making process with a useful evaluation framework to buy online community software. Download the guide for free!

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Communicate seamlessly with everyone in your business
A social e-learning platform with the benefits of a community

A smart space to keep all of your data and intel all in one place

Build an online community and have an impact on the world
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Create a network and thrill your business

Open Social is the software to use to create an environment where your business will thrive by:

✓ Delivering immediate results
✓ Modernizes the work environment
✓ Providing an easy to use space for collaboration
✓ Completely secure, private
✓ Free from advertisements
✓ Easy to set up, affordable and scalable 
✓ Can help deliver your services 
✓ Keeps staff engaged and happy 

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