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For Nonprofits to succeed, each member of the organization is required to do more. Activate participation, have an agile mindset and wear many hats of responsibility. 

From helping organizations to find new ways of working to improving team productivity, Open Social’s community software makes it easy. For internal teams, partners, volunteers, and outside collaborators to come together, fuel innovation, curate knowledge and take action all while keeping costs low.

we feel your pain
The challenges Nonprofits face are ever-present

- Shrinking support from the Government

- Attracting the right people with limited resources

- Communicating efficiently with stakeholders

- Securing stable financial incomes and funds 

- The pressure to show results to the society

- Keeping their community-engaged and up to date 

Curious about how Open Social face these challenges?

there is no need to struggle
Solve your worries and get support from your community

Open Social’s software helps your organization with:

A quick start

Delivering immediate results and set up in just days

Easy sharing

Share your successes and reports easily, and encourage sharing of your story
nonprofit community
team collaboration

Taking action

Connect, collaborate and mobilize people into action


It’s completely affordable and scalable. Extend the software to your needs


Nonprofit software
we all benefit
Software for every role in your organization

Chief Operating Officer
If you are a COO, tap into the data analysis available 

Program Coordinator
If you are a Program Coordinator, keep in regular contact with all your stakeholders

Marketing Associate
If you are in Marketing, use Open Social as a channel to get your message across 

Project Manager
If you are a Project Manager, align everyone on task and direct team members to the correct information

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We crafted software solutions with an extremely good fit for every organization.
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A social e-learning platform with the benefits of a community

A smart space to keep all of your data and intel all in one place

Build an online community and have an impact on the world
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Harness the power of your members

Make it easy for internal teams, partners, volunteers and outside collaborators to come together. Start connecting, communicating and collaborating now! Discover the power of Open Social.

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