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Education organizations are in a unique position as they help people transition through different stages in their lives, from advancing through schooling levels, from secondary to tertiary education, as well as growing from students to professionals and into alumni. Connecting all of these different faculties and students to the right resources is a challenge for all institutions, but it is also where they fail, hard.

To lead in education is challenging

- Designing an inclusive 21st-century curriculum 

- Promoting flexible learning that focuses on growth

- Applying a prescribed curriculum to all types of students

- Lack of teamwork, empathy, and support between students

- Easy to access support services for students from the administration

Don't fail in solving the challenges. Start using Open Social!

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Reject traditional siloed methods

Open Social’s software helps your organization with:

Inclusivity and diversity

Offer a learning community that meets modern standards. Multi voiced inclusive discussions are a necessary part of learning and challenging ideas.

Easy sharing

Allow the sharing of crucial information between students and the administration in a mobile-friendly format, meaning information will reach your intended audience.
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Offer support

Create digital connections with events, discussions, and topics to encourage an environment of support between students and teachers.

Facilitate learning

Learning can happen anywhere on any device with highly curated content.


Education community
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Software for every role in your organization

If you are a Student, find everything you want to know about school at your fingertips from your mobile phone

If you are a Teacher, extend your learning environment and make more materials for different learners available 

If you are an Administrator, make better connections to students and provide more services that will get used. 

Alumni Member
If you are an Alumni Member, make the most out of this network by finding new hires 

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Communicate seamlessly with everyone in your business
A social e-learning platform with the benefits of a community
A smart space to keep all of your data and intel all in one place

Build an online community and have an impact on the world
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Build your community and improve campus life

✓ Begin improving campus life by creating meaningful connections
✓ Give an online place for current and former students to collaborate
✓ Adapt to modern ways of learning without having to sacrifice anything
✓ Provide a flexible learning environment that can complement all learning styles
✓ Create a social context, where each student can learn from one another

Open Social’s software makes it easy for your organization, teachers, students, and alumni to enhance their social learning skills, therefore create a more productive and more fulfilling learning experience. Explore how!

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