Try out leaderboards and reward based systems to get a better engagement with your users

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Motivate your members through leaderboards and reward based systems

Learn how gamification let's you take community engagement to the next level.

The three main reasons why you should use gamification in your community​​

Motivate Members

Supercharge your members by increasing interaction on the platform. 

Drive Competition

Use everything that makes games exciting to drive engagement, learning and performance. Take it to the next level with advanced gamification. 

Engage Users

Let your users become active participants in your community

Gamification becomes even more impactful when you add tokenized points.

Add blockchain powered rewards with THX

Open Social’s gamification features are powered by THX, an innovative startup specialized in blockchain gamification technology.

What does blockchain technology add to your community? Tokenised points let you create loyalty and referral programs across channels and platforms with easy to use QR-codes. Your members earn rewards such as exclusive content, discounts or moderation rights.

Thanks to blockchain technology you gain in-depth user engagement data without compromising on the security or privacy of your members. Try out our THX integration today to enable engaging and impactful rewards for your community.

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