text editor for comments in Open Social
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Members can style their own comments

Content management systems are notoriously frustrating. That why our text editor for comments - WYSIWYG (pronounced wiz-zee-wig), is so great.  

✓ Style responses to content using an easy-to-use editor.
✓ See changes to the text in the editor as they would appear online.
✓ Give members the power to edit their own content.

Your members won’t be needing <em></em> or <strong></strong> tags to italicize or bold in comments. Those days are over. 

text editor for comments in Open Social
how does the extension work
A comment editor that’s simple and easy to use

Having your own styling editor has a lot of perks. Less thinking, more content publishing. Your members are able to style their comments in Topics, Events, Discussions, Ideas, and Posts. The WYSIWYG editor enables members to make the following changes in comments: 

  • Make text bold 
  • Make text italic 
  • Make text with strike-through 
  • Make lists (like this one) 
  • Add relevant links 
  • And more!
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Enable your editor immediately

How about making text editing ridiculously user-friendly for your members? And at the same time, giving members a strong sense of control over their comments.

Request the extension via the button below. We will set up a consultation with our team for a price proposal or another plan of action.