Try our demo! You won't regret it.


We recommend trying Open Social for yourself. As heard many times before, a picture (or community demo) is worth a thousand words.

Open Social is our plug-and-play solution for community building. Find out why we are the best solution for long-term community engagement:

  • Post topics to your community and see how easy it is to engage in Open Social
  • Comment on newly posted topics to discover our rich user interface 
  • Start open and closed events for your Open Social community for some real-time  engagement
  • Switch between the Admin and User demos to see our notification center in action 


How do I try Open Social?

Click the button above or below to head over to the demo install. This install is refreshed every 24 hours. You can log in with the following demo user accounts, using the block on the right:

  • sitemanager
  • demo user 1
  • demo user 2

We recommend trying the regular users first before using the site manager functions. Enjoy!


Live Demo


Psst: A regular installation has an administrator role as well that contains even more configuration options. However, due to security reasons, you will need a free trial to explore the administrator role :)

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We are available for chat during office hours (CET), you can find our chat in the right hand corner of this website

Follow @OpenSocialHQ to keep in touch and stay up to date on our latest developments

We are available for support on the #opensocial channel Wed 4-5pm and Fri 10-11am (CET)

Why should you use Open Social?

We're a great match for your external, volunteer and ideation community. Read our award-winning business case: ‘Greenpeace Greenwire, the ‘social network that experienced a 600% increase in volunteering’.

Build a flexible social community to share knowledge, work together, and encourage dialogue.
Open Social is ideal for collaboration and effective communication - both vital for a growing volunteer community!
Use Open Social to invite stakeholders and employees to connect, share resources, and grow as a team.
Use our idea management software to find the best ideas or generate creativity from hundreds of members.