Open Social is more than just software. It’s managed by GoalGorilla, a group of professionals with expertise in design, development and community management.

Your community success and safety come first. Browse through our services.

  • Security and performance audits of your Open Social platform
  • Software architecture analysis
  • Open Social development, maintenance, and support  
  • Concierge onboarding of your team
  • Community management and strategy consultancy
  • SEO Optimization for your community

Together, we will deliver real value to your community.


How can Open Social help you?

Site Manager Training

Site Manager Training

Are you a site manager? Then this is for you.

We offer training and concierge onboarding so you can learn how to effectively set up your community and optimize content, visibility, roles, and user behavior. 

Besides providing documentation, guides, and videos, we also help you track member behavior to learn how your members can also take full advantage of the community.

Please note that this service is automatically included in our premium plan.

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Community Consultancy

The right strategy ensures community prosperity.

Our experts provide fresh thinking to community building that’s stagnated over the past decade. We take the time to learn the needs of your community and set up a management strategy that ensures community prosperity and growth.

Your community strategy is strengthened by:

  • Determining and setting up KPIs.
  • Creating a reporting structure.
  • Monitoring and steering your goals.
  • Driving member conversion through SEO/SEA.
  • Engaging and retaining community members.

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Community Strategy

Community Consultancy

What Start Growth
Sessions 4 8
Together, we define your goals and the right KPI’s, structure the community and set up a custom report.
We monitor and analyze the KPIs, give advice to drive the best results, and evaluate periodically together.
1.760 €
2.080 $
1.576 £
440 €
520 $
394 £
/ session )
3.200 €
3.800 $
2.864 £
400 €
475 $
358 £
/ session )
Community Management

Community Management

Deliver real community value with community management.

Do you lack the capacity to run your community on a day-to-day level? Hire one of our community managers to help manage your community on an operational level. We help create content, firing up discussions, onboarding members, and reporting goals,

In the end, community success is more than the right technology - it’s about execution and management.

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SEO Optimization

Increase search rankings and online visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your community rank higher in search engines. It ensures that you're present in the online journey of your potential members.

Our SEO strategies are based on a consultative approach. We use AdWords, SEO, social media, and conversion optimization to generate traffic that converts into loyal members.

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SEO Optimization
Evelien Schut
Community Consultant
I help our customers build and run successful communities using Open Social software. I can do the same for you! Trouble choosing a service? Contact us for help!

Custom Design and Development

A community that perfectly matches your needs.

Do you need a unique set up that supports your goals? Our team provides custom implementations for your Open Social community. You’ll receive design and development that meets your specific needs and specifications.

Our team will contact you for further details and price details once you request this service.

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Design and Development
Security Audit

Open Social Security Audit

Ensure proper and reliable functioning.

Security is more important than ever. Is your Open Social installation is no longer up-to-date? Is it ready to be upgraded? We can help. Our experts also provide second opinions about the architecture, safety, and security of your installation.

Our security audit starts at €3360. Our consultant will contact you for further details once you request an audit.

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Open Social Architecture

Running a complex project? We have you covered.

Are you running an ambitious Open Social project? Your installation can be checked by our experienced Drupal architects including architecture, structure, modules, security, and performance.

Our architecture audit starts at €4480. Our consultant will contact you for details once you request this service.

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Open Social Architecture
Jaap Jan Koster
VP of Product
Our team has over 10 years of experience in development and shipping software. We help our customers build the best version of their Open Social project.

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What kind of community are you running or want to launch/migrate? Are you already using Open Social software? Which services would you like to learn more about? Feel free to add any other questions or points that are relevant to your project.

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