Discover a new way to innovate. Build a home for all ideas.

Idea management software

Open Social is ideal for developing ideas into results. Use our idea management software to find the best ideas or improve business areas. Or generate creativity from hundreds of members.

From the collection of ideas to implementation, our software supports every step of ideation. It’s time to say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and lost information. All stages of development will be in one place.

The best part? You get to make the community your own; a place comfortable enough for people to share.  


Crowd Innovation feature

Crowd Innovation Feature


It’s not just about the idea generation. It’s about breathing life into the ideas you have.

Successful innovation is sometimes just a matter of organizational flexibility. It requires a well-executed and diligent process. This is why we built the ideation feature.

The crowd innovation feature allows groups to present a problem or challenge that the community should solve together. Community managers can set user-defined stages and advance ideas as they develop. Members can comment on ideas and follow the progress. Feedback and votes ensure that the best ideas are created.

This feature was co-developed and sponsored by foraus, a Swiss think tank from Switzerland. This module is currently only available for enterprise clients.

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Discover the Open Social innovators. Join them and share ideas!


Work Together Efficiently

Transform the way your members put ideas into action.

The best way to support internal innovation is with collaborative features. Create topics and discussions for like-minded members. Facilitate working together with private messaging and groups.

Open Social provides a space to ask the right questions and contribute openly to discussions. In the end, how members work together can make or break an idea.  

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working together effectively

Share Knowledge Effectively

Discover the depth of your knowledge with Open Social.

Share knowledge with our idea management software. Only by truly listening and sharing will you uncover remarkable ideas.  

Open Social allows members to distribute information and documents in topics and discussions. Our personalized activity stream ensures that they will only see relevant updates.

Community, communication, and collaboration. We help with what matters most to you.

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sharing knowledge in your ideation community

Enhance Communications

An internal culture of collaboration.

You want to inspire interaction and understand what motivates your members. Proper Internal communication has the potential to bring the best out of your members; from idea generation to feedback.

Open Social comes with various internal communication tools such as groups, comments, and e-mail notifications that help your members keep track of important conversations.

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internal communication in your ideation community


Features that empower your ideas.


Erreichen Sie Ihre Zielgruppe mit reichhaltigen Inhalten. Öffentlich im Web und privat innerhalb der Community.


Teilen Sie Ihre Ideen in privaten und öffentlichen Gruppen und tragen Sie zur Erweiterung des Wissens in ihrer Community bei.


Lassen Sie Ihre Community-Mitglieder private und öffentliche Veranstaltungen planen und daran teilnehmen.

Talente finden

Eine zielgerichtete Profilsuche ermöglicht es Ihrer Organisation und Community-Mitgliedern unentdeckte Talente zu finden.

Netzwerken on-the-go

Für Mobilgeräte optimiert, bleiben Ihre Community-Mitglieder unabhängig von ihrem Standort verbunden.

Sicher und privat

Verschlüsselte Kommunikation. Erweiterte Datenschutzeinstellungen schützen Ihre Daten.


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