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Connect your volunteers to change the world

Online volunteering helps organizations and volunteers to team up and collaborate  – anywhere in the world, from any device.  

When skilled and enthusiastic individuals work with great organizations to make a positive difference, everyone wins.

Open Social has focused its energy on creating communities for volunteers, NGOs, and semi-governmental organizations. In fact, early versions of Open Social’s software stem from the award-winning Greenpeace Greenwire Project for Greenpeace.

Greenpeace three elements
greenpeace greenwire
Greenwire connects +160,000 members

Greenpeace Greenwire is a global online community that connects staff and volunteers. Greenpeace moved volunteer coordination away from broadcasting instructions to creating a community that embraced individual skill sets.

Especially now when data privacy is being threatened, a community needs a safe online platform to become involved, connect geographically distributed members, and to fill knowledge gaps. Discover how 10 years of GoalGorilla and Greenpeace coordination resulted in the successful Greenwire community hubs today.

internal communication
improving internal communications
A space for effective internal communication

Effective internal communication helps volunteers reach their goals. Use private messaging for real-time communication. It's an easy way to share ideas and encourage others to make a difference.

Open Social comes with various other internal communication tools such as groups, comments, and e-mail notifications that help you keep track of conversations.

internal communication
knowledge sharing
Share your knowledge and grow with Open Social

Every volunteer community is essentially a knowledge sharing platform. Connect volunteers with the right information in discussions. Our personalized activity stream ensures that volunteers only see relevant updates to them.

In the end, knowledge is power but using it effectively is powerful. Share resources and learn how to contribute to a better future.

working together in community
volunteers working together
Put skills into action with Open Social

Online volunteering helps organizations and volunteers work together towards a shared goal. Open Social creates a sense of unity and enthusiasm - both vital for an effective volunteer community! From events to groups, Open Social is ideal for collaboration.

There are only so many hours in a day. A well-connected volunteer community means more productivity.

Sending over 50.000 invites to users of various UN legacy platforms was a crucial moment for GlobalDevHub. It was great to see double figure sign-up rates. Together with Open Social we made the first consultation period a success. Over 200 comments within the first few days!
Zach Hongola
Zach Hongola
Information Systems Specialist UNDP