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Multiple languages in one community

Google Translate allows you to translate your community content into any language offered by Google. 

✓ Create instant multi-lingual community content. 
✓ Members consume content in their native language. 
✓ Bring members closer from different countries

Communities host members from all around the world. This is the best way to make everyone feel at home. 

translate your online community
how does the extension work
Members benefit from instant translations

Multi-lingual community

Is your community international? Your members will feel more at 'home' if they can interact on the platform in their native language. They can instantly translate content so that it's easier to navigate through the site. 

Instant translations 

You can instantly translate the community using a drop-down menu.

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Internationalize your community immediately

Do you already have our Enterprise Medium, Large or Extra Large plan? If you're not using the maximum amount of extensions in your plan, then request the extension via the button below. We will ensure your community is extended with this extension. 

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